Want to know what’s going on? Here’s what we know. Facts and Theories.

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we copied it in case it get deleted, this is the best summary of the events so far – we will follow and update as the OP will be updated.

There’s still a lot of confusion and misinformation going around. Here’s a run-down of what we know, particularly in light of threads mysteriously disappearing (I think we all know why they are disappearing…). The original “WARNING” thread from last night has vanished entirely, and included information from oracle, as well as some confirmation from ChemCat that what oracle said was correct.

There was a lot of feet-stamping and “who the fuck are you” attitudes towards oracle in the thread, accusing him of being a troll. Cirrus and Chem vouched for him. On a personal note, I and a couple of other members remembered oracle’s original protests regarding the leadership of SR2, but as I am no one of significance I had no further information as to what the problems were. Oracle has mentioned that he will carry guilt for not speaking up sooner. I believe he should be thanked for forwarding the information he did.

A mixture of facts, theories and my own personal opinions. Make of it what you will, but I hope it helps some of the people trying to understand what the fuck is going on. If anything is glaringly incorrect please feel free to tell me and I will edit it.

1. Libertas, Inigo and Synergy (aka, SSBD) have been arrested. They were likely found because they handed over their dox to DPR1, aka Ulbricht. All three of them are irresponsible and jeopardized the safety of EVERYONE here by continuing to promote a black market when their “boss” is incarcerated. It is absolutely shocking that their hubris and greed allowed them to take such a risk. They literally handed over their real life identities to Ulbricht then went on to create/support SR2, despite knowing full well that they were COMPROMISED. That’s right. Libertas, Inigo and Synergy KNEW THEY WERE COMPROMISED the day SR1 was taken down.

2. The dox on the admins/mods either came from Ulbricht’s laptop (we all know he wasn’t fond of encryption) or he squealed, which is also a possibility considering Dratel’s announcement of a plea bargain.

3. Oracle expressed doubt as to the leadership of SR back during the shitstorm of the initial seizure. He was harassed and threatened (presumably by DPR2) and eventually kept quiet.

4. StExo, a prominent money launderer and tech savvy member who earned a fair bit of respect with his crawls and backups of vendor pages/pgp keys supported SR2 since the day of the seizure. StExo was allegedly offered the job of DPR2 and declined. For anyone with a brain cell, it looked like a really bad misinformation campaign. BUT, with StExo being respected by certain higher-ups, it seemed likely that he’d be smart enough to stay the fuck away from the DPR2 role.

5. Oracle posted last night that both he, Ulbricht and other mods had an issue with “DPR2″ and his attitude, knowing him to be greedy with narcissistic character flaws. These opinions were known to the higher-ups pre-seizure. Compromised admins/mods (Lib, Syn, Inigo) supported him regardless of his unsuitability for the role. (And why the fuck wouldn’t they? After all, they were compromised too!)

6. Cirrus and ChemCat were left in the lurch by DPR2, who has been on the run since his mods were arrested. This was initially speculation/a highly probable conclusion, but has since been confirmed by Eileen @ All Things Vice, as she received a private PM from DPR2 before he disappeared. It was confirmed that DPR2 had planned in advance to run after the arrests.

7. Cirrus and ChemCat are the only responsible and “trustworthy” (as far as black market’s go) mods left. Both have tried to do their jobs to the best of their ability and genuinely have everyone’s best interests at heart.

8. Defcon is possibly DPR2, there are several reasons why this could be possible. Oracle has stated that DPR2 is here and active under the nym Defcon. Personally, I believe oracle to be legit as fuck, as I stated last night in the now deleted thread. If oracle says DPR2 = Defcon, I think there is a high probability of it being true.

9. Oracle stated that certain bitcoin wallets were emptied the day of the arrests. Unfortunately I think this may have been deleted.

10. Oracle is coming forward with some not-so-subtle comments that DPR2 is in fact StExo. If this is the case, DPR2 is likely also compromised. In fact, regardless of whether it’s StExo or not, I think it’s fair to say that DPR2 IS COMPROMISED, *and*, like the mods, he was compromised since the seizure of SR1 as Ulbricht probably knows his identity. A likely theory is that StExo was laundering money for DPR and the mods, which is why so much RL information was exchanged. Either way, Ulbricht will be able to easily identify DPR2, so he is compromised regardless of which other nyms he may have used.

11. “The Successor” aka DPR3 is possibly the same bullshit story Ulbricht ran about passing the mantle. “The Successor” is possibly DPR2.


12. StExo did “contract work” for Ulbricht in relation to the site-crawl, which garnered him a lot of respect from many vendors. It seems that this was not a purely altruistic act.

13. StExo is assuredly DPR2, confirmed by a reliable source who has several methods of proof. There is currently no reason to release the evidence as it may further compromise StExo aka DPR2 as well as the defense strategies of admins/mods. (I personally have not seen it, but trust the source).

14. Cirrus will not dispute many of the statements oracle makes, and he knows them to be true. IMO, Cirrus is one of the only good men left standing and is probably rocked with emotional turmoil right now.

15. Defcon is StExo. This has been alleged by oracle. On a personal note, I recall a certain post StExo made during the seizure of SR1, just before deleting his account. The words and phrasing used by both StExo and Defcon are eerily similar.

16. And the most damning evidence. DPR2 once mistakenly signed a message on this forum with StExo’s PGP key, which SEVERAL people saw. There are vendors and users out there who KNOW this to be true.


I hope this puts a few things into perspective, particularly for those hero-worshipping all over the place.


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Updated: 2013-12-23