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Next time I want to talk about is something that most people completely forget about. Tracking Cookies.

A recent article explains how the NSA uses things like Google Ads and other tracking cookies to identify users over TOR when doing so by other means is not possible.

For those of you who do not know what I am talking about, let me ask you this. Have you ever noticed that certain ads seem to follow you around from website to website? Perhaps something you searched for on Google or Yahoo is now showing up in ads on other pages? This was originally designed to market things to you based on your preferences by installing tracking cookies into your browser.

Luckily TOR clears its cookies every time you restart the browser, and yes Tails does too, but that does not mean you are not vulernable within the same TOR session. What I mean by this is, let us say you went and did some freedom fighting on a forum somewhere and then after, using the same Tor session, visited another website with Google Ads on it. Then you went to another site with more Google Ads on it. You would be surprised how many sites now have Google Ads on them, by the way.

Google can use these tracking cookies to learn about your browsing behavior. Your search terms, your preferred sites, and so forth. Some people are even stupid enough to use the same TOR IP address and go check their Facebook news feed or their email. Guess who is in bed with the feds? Google, Yahoo, Facebook, MSN, and all of their email providers as well. Remember, when you start leaving patterns behind, they will start looking for similarities that start with just a suspicion.

Perhaps they correlated the freedom fighting forum posts with you because you logged into your email, and now they start noticing that you always misspell the same words, make the same grammar mistakes, the same slang terms. Perhaps you visited a website belonging to somebody local to you with Google Ads on it. It is not entirely sure how they are able to use these tracking cookies to identify you, but the point is, they keep everything. And if you happen to do something stupid like Google a local restaurant or what movies are playing in your local area on the same IP address that you did something you should not have earlier on, then Google can put 2 and 2 together.

Once they are on your trail, you are screwed. So do not give them anything to correlate to you, ever! So then you might ask, can not I just disable cookies all together? Yes you could, but, cookies are required for things like login sessions. Without cookies, you are unable to maintain a state of being logged in on certain websites, because they use that cookie ID to identify the session on the server. Again, you can certainly disable cookies, but you will not be able to maintain a login anywhere.

Updated: 2014-02-12