How – and Why – to Get a Second Passport Now

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Posted by: Archer

December 28, 2015

**This is part two of a six part series on how to cash out – and keep – your money and your freedom. Read the first post here.

Why Everyone Needs a Second (or Third) Passport

We are living in a strange time. Hypocritical perverts are not arrested for child molestation and sexual abuse, instead they are indicted for ‘structuring’ withdrawals to pay blackmail to the victim. And ‘lying to the government’.. about withdrawing his own money.

Simply possessing any large amount of cash allows the government to confiscate it. even if the owner is never charged with a crime. Essentially, carrying cash is illegal.

Every phone call, every email, every text, is at risk of being vacuumed up by a government desperate to end privacy in any form. Governments are becoming more efficient – unfortunately, that efficiency is only related to violating your privacy.

If you owe the IRS, or student loans, or child support, you will soon be denied a US passport.

As ‘developed’ governments begin to deteriorate, as the treasuries empty and economies crumble, the number of regulations, laws, edicts and rules multiply to the point it is literally impossible to not break the law every day. Capital controls and travel restrictions become the last play.

If you do not have a second passport, you are a prisoner – a slave to a country that owns you by the accident of the location of your birth.

What Type of Second Passport Do I Need?

First, let’s discuss what you do not need. There are hundreds of scams and ripoffs, and all of them will end up causing you endless grief and problems. There is no legitimate vendor that can deliver you a quick, cheap and simple second passport. They are the same people who send you good news emails from Nigeria.

Now, let’s discuss what you do want in a second passport country.

  • Worldwide visa-free travel
  • Easy and inexpensive to legally obtain
  • No or limited extradition
  • Quality of life
  • Inefficient police/intelligence state
  • Unwilling to be bullied by the US and EU

Taking these goals into consideration, Here are the best countries for a second passport, and how to obtain them.

1. Brazil

Though it is rarely considered, this is the hands-down best country for a second passport in the world. I received my Brazilian passport in a total of 197 days, at a total cost of around $1800 in lawyers fees and taxes.

Brazil is a melting pot – European, African, Asian and Indian heritage are all represented. The entire country is beautiful.

Once you receive residency, you can travel almost any country in South America passport-free, with only your national ID card (no tracking, no visa, no records of movement). They do not extradite Brazilian citizens – ever – for anything. Even though there is a Brazil-US agreement on a few major offenses, the Brazilian constitution forbids extradition and it has never happened…not once.

Visa-free travel to 146 countries. Establishing a parallel banking system to bypass US/EU-dominated SWIFT. Laying an internet cable directly to Portugal to bypass the US and the NSA.

I got my passport through marriage, but Brazil is easy – marriage, adoption, starting a business, buying a property – there are multiple options, just be prepared to hire a local to navigate if you do not speak Portuguese.

2. Panama

If you are one of the 48 nations included in Panama’s ‘Friendly Nations Program’ (including all of EU), then Panama may be the absolute easiest place in the world to obtain residency and a passport.

If you can deposit $5000 into a personal bank account (which you own – it can be withdrawn immediately), proof of employment, operation of a business (internet businesses are popular) or ownership of income property, you qualify.

Once you apply, you literally only need to spend about two weeks a year in the country to maintain residency, and in five years, you have citizenship. No taxes on income earned outside Panama, good banking secrecy, excellent corporate structure privacy, visa-free travel to 124 countries, travel all of Central and South America with no passport (no immigration records, no tracking, no visa)

3. Singapore

With the most valuable passport in the world, Singapore is surprisingly easy to obtain residency, and then two years later, naturalization, by setting up a local company (internet, trading, etc) doing business outside of Singapore. There is a high cost of living, but the banking, privacy and economy are among the best in the world.

Other Notable Jurisdictions for Second Passports

Ecuador – I lived there for 2 years, and while the country is beautiful and the people are great, the government is rabidly socialist, the internet sucks outside of Quito, and the visa-free travel is limited. They do use the dollar as currency, but the banking system is perpetually broke and it is hard to open an account until you have residency. Marry a local and you can get a passport in as little as 18 months.

Israel – If you are willing to convert, you can get residency, and then a passport, fairly quickly. Of course, they have the most hated passport on the planet and you may have to join the military, but other than that..

Ireland – Passport by marriage in two years, and everything that comes with EU membership.

Need a Quicker Second Passport Solution?

The islands of Dominica, St Kitts, and Antigua all have legitimate ‘investment’ passports, where for upwards of $100k per person, or double that for real estate investment, you can qualify for immediate citizenship.

Malta, Croatia, Jamaica, and Cyprus are all either considering, or are in the process of enacting, ‘Citizenship by Investment’ programs as well.

Whatever plan you decide, you have to decide to make a plan. As GATCA begins to take effect in the next 2 years, anyone without a second passport, an established overseas bank account and hard assets put away from the grasp of your home country is going to be too late to escape. Take a minute and learn about GATCA, and see why you need a second passport, an offshore bank account and an established escape plan now, while you can.

Up next, FATCA, GATCA, and how to keep your money and your freedom from being confiscated. Effective ways to convert cash and bitcoin into safe, anonymous and clean assets without going to jail.

Updated: 2015-12-28