Cyruserv Hosting Shuts Down

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December 23, 2015

During the past week our list of vendor shops became significantly shorter, due to at least 7 sites going down the previous week for unknown reason, the common thing for them was that they were all hosted in the same place  – Cyruserv ( & cyruservvvklto2l.onion) , a popular Dark Web hosting service that hosted many sites, vendor shops & services. Yesterday, the mystery was solved when the hosting service owner published his goodbye message detailing the reason for the shut down along some background of older dark net happenings such the Budster scam and some others:

I apologize for errors in this writing. It is the Silly Season, and I like all should be am quite drunk.

Bitcoin caused serious problems for me. The server could no longer move through the cloud. For the past month a hacker group has been hacking home directories. At first this was a mystery. It started happening after turning off memory sanitzation.

Bitcoin allocates heap, indexes some blocks, deallocates memory, and indexes some more. It also after having 11 instances would lag the server, because bitcoin is a huge thing now and it has to check confirmations for every new transaction. This means no bitcoin for weeks after a server move, and not enough CPU power with 8 Xeon cores just to handle a days volume.

I was experimenting with btrfs which since the blocks came from a reflink, they needed to reindex. Without btrfs no space, with memory sanitization no speed in making these attempts. No space, not enough room to get rich or die trying. So this had to happen, but I can’t do it with memory sanitiztation.

Without the memory sanitization the hacker could exploit the server in a similar way to heartbleed. They were stealing passwords from RAM. They even tricked one of my cleverest customers with a “magical” bash profile that he had root. When I started the project to write a wrapper which provides two levels of authentication for bitcoin’s RPC interface I didn’t know about the memory leakage.

I thought about this theory stoned in bed for a couple of days smoking weed. I tested it after turning the server off and it was proven. So I said goodbye. It’s checkmate folks, I lost, but I had a really fun game. It was a joy to be with you, everything was, the rumors on Reddit, the lot of it. I got to be famous, I got to be envied, I got to be known, and I got inspired to teach at University and fell in love with a student Torvalds style.

Goodbye everyone. I hope another player comes along, and implements btrfs, RBAC, SELinux, and a nice python interface for a signup form and does it from the start. I did things an odd way.

Some confessions: I would purposefully trick moralfag anons into stealing a database of CYRUSERV accounts used internally. They would do the audit for me and post on forums about it. So I know there wasn’t any child pornography because I’d violate your privacy. They didn’t tell Reddit because they didn’t want me to find out. See what you did thar?

I hosted the Pedo Support Community once. Their PHP hackers added more features. I had a simple long command for MySQL that counted PGP messages. It really is a trading board, good people should end it. I trolled it under several accounts to poison the well pretending to be pedo. Reddit never knew this. I will post their hidden service private key at the bottom. They never made a redirect and a new address, because pedos are average stupid people. It would scare them into thinking it was hacked when it was protecting them, seemed to be their insane rationale.

CYJABR was the most secure service. I never leaked information and ran it quite liberally. Though you shouldn’t actually use it, I never implemented the relay. The documentation is written in academic moonspeak and the whole design paradigm is an area for complete ignorance. It was running on a VPS with sanitization so I could talk to friends during the btrfs attempt.

Java is mindbreaking nonsense I am paid to teach students. I use it a lot at work. Much of the code powering CYRUSERV, finding nasty logs and telling me, and such was based on Java.

I’ve had serious problems with substance abuse. There were no holidays, injury, or anything and if you believed it you think I’m a fucking idiot. I would never reveal that much information without batshit insane. It wasn’t disinfo for the FBI. They’re not as stupid as you, they are on my level. However people like me would never work there, they’re moralfags about who we are. They want good repressed thugs, and punish and treat suspicious anyone who likes to get blazed or fuck a freshman girl.

Facts: I was never a Reddit user for a long time. I tried making an account. Its assorted group of armchair experts shitflood my posts. Nobody else sees them because they’re not interested in CYRUSERV. They never check the website, they just hear shit while lulzing. Nobody comments.

I never read a single post by /u/cyruserv impersonating me. We are however friends and I told him to do it. I can get PGP endorsements from the world largest coke operation.

I was truly oblivious to the budster scams. The fuckwits who got scammed however didn’t check with anyone else but the scammer about what the software actually does. It put everything in blockchain wallets, being WordPress and its batshit insane. I didn’t micromanage, I was quite happy that his victims were willing to consent to the operation. They literally asked for it, and I don’t give a shit.

Budster was willing to fund me and pretend to be /u/cyruserv to generate interest. I got a job again and became smaller, just doing normal hosting until honest cocaine came around.

I don’t help TeamLotus to help the poor. They got a lot of special treatment, including a VPS. If you were not a shit cunt, could code, and manage a Gentoo system, or were a sexy drug dealer who wanted lots of services for his gangster friends VPS servers were offered.

There was never a vulnerability in Citrix XenServer the whole time I used it. This was made possible by building a grsecurity kernel for it on another system. My eyes lit up like joyous young boy seeing a great pair of tits where my friends I noticed the fucking thing worked with that kernel.

I had more fun then I’ve ever had in my entire life. For the first month operating I had dreams about being hunted down like a savage dog. I woke up, dropped some 25x-NBOMe, and continued to hack like a brilliant mad man.

There are those out there with a great respect for me. Just a few people who have been tolerant and supportive of the mad deep web server. TE, SL, WWE, SIGAINTM, I fucking love you guys and that is why CYJABR must come back.

Be nice to people, and karma will become mechanized by the love in their hearts. It will guide their actions through feeling and intuition. You will gain respect and opportunity. Don’t be a negative cunt on Tumblr and Reddit. You people don’t have it bad, you destroy the road you’re on.

And for everyone, Merry Christmas. Celebrate Jesus, be a bit Christian. Be silly, get drunk, and make your adolescent cousins blush with compliments. And have a happy new year!

Those of you who are interested in the private key mentioned in the text – can get it from the original PGP signed message on the Cryserv’s site.

Updated: 2015-12-23