Outlaw Market V5 Is Up

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Posted by: DeepDotWeb

December 17, 2015

One of the oldest markets, DeepDotWeb:

Although we haven’t been able to finish our UI yet, we do have uploaded our v5 of the market. Quite some invisible backend updates, and more added features. This text will be shown shortly, and should you also give an update of our newest things!

Our UI is still being worked on. The good thing about operating a market on the long term is that there’s no haste required… ;)

And these are the updates:

Hi all!

Outlaw is proud to announce our newest software upgrade to version 5! This upgrade includes quite some new features, and is now able to host an advanced system for wholesalers and their customers!

A short overview of the newest things:

No order-fees anymore

Outlaw has quit taking fees for every order. Although returning customers could already set their own fee, we have now completely abandoned this. The only fees now taken by the market is some sort of income-tax. This means that every BTC that is NOT funded by a transfer from a BTC account to Outlaw and LEAVES Outlaw, will be taxed. In short, vendors will thus pay some sort of income-tax, with an amount depending on their income of the last 30 days. The more a vendor earns, the less fees he will pay.

Google-like ads

Vendors can now set up an advertisement, much like on Google. The ad has to be funded first, after which it will be credited for every view and every click. Vendors can set many options, such as max views/day, max budget/day, start/stop time, … Set up your ad now, and Outlaw will provide you 50EU advertisement credit!

Partial escrow release

Orders that are sent in multiple shipments can be partially paid to the vendors by our partial escrow release! Very easy to use for the customer, simply enter between 1-99% to release that amount! NOTE: never release funds without having received the product if you order with escrow!

Individual containers (IC)

Vendors can set up individual containers for digital goods, after which the customer will receive their digital order instantly, without any action of the vendor! It can either be a text or a file! It’s easy and quick!

Upload servers

Together with the ICs, vendors can also upload a file with their orders (up to 100MB), including PDFs on how to use a product, lab tests, … All files will be stored encrypted on our uploadserver. The upload server can also be used to attach files in the messages. NOTE: only download files from people you trust, NEVER download exe or any other executing files.

New forum

A new forum has been made. The only way to register on the forum is trough your profile on the shop, much like the way to register on our Jabber server.

Easier product setup

Vendors will now see a nice overview when setting up their products, with the option to easily copy an existing offer to change a detail (amount/price) for a new setup.

Auto payout feature

For customers and vendors! Should you want to have everything that goes to your Outlaw BTC account instantly paid out to your personal BTC address, this option is for you!

Stock Management System

Can be used for digital items (non ICs) and physical goods. Easily manage your stock! This feature is also automatically incorporated with the Deaddrop feature.


Our biggest change. From now on, we offer the ability to have wholesalers sell their product for a wholesale price to ‘dropmen’. These dropmen can then hide their products in the area in deaddrops and make these products available for pickup for their customers. Customers won’t have to wait for the postal service, and can stay fully anonymous (no address needed!). As it’s quite a complex feature, make sure to read the in-dept information on the shop about it!

That’s it for now! More is of course to come in the following months/years. Should you encounter any problem, bug, … make sure to contact an admin!

On a last note, Outlaw would like to remind you to set a correct and accessible BTC withdraw-address. This address will be used in emergency situations. It would be a shame to lose your account content due to a badly set BTC address…!

Kind regards

And also added:

The deaddrop is quite a complex feature, but will eventually be very useful for wholesellers, dropmen and in the end the final customer. It’s designed fool-proof (to our best knowlegde), so we are hoping this feature will gain some traction.

More to come, as always!
Kind regards

Visit outlaw market using this link:  http://outfor6jwcztwbpd.onion/indxx1.php

Updated: 2015-12-17