How To Buy From Acropolis Market?

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December 17, 2015

One of the new Multisig markets that deserves some more love is Acropolis market, the market is a referral only market, you can use this referral link to register:


And check out reviews on Acropolis listing page.

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The following guide was originally published on Acropolis market and explains the ordering process on Acropolis market, it is published here with the approval of the market admin:

1. Login to your account and find a listing that suits your needs. Select the “Order now” option to start your purchase.

2. The following step allows you to select between several payment options before placing an order. After selecting the listing and quantity that you want, you can select a specific Bitcoin public key, or you can let the market select a random public key from your own pool. In case you don’t want to use public keys from your pool, you can check the option, “Use custom public key” and provide your key in the “Custom public key” text field. Complete encrypting your shipping details. Optionally you can let the market encrypt your message to the vendor. Select “Next” to continue.

3. An order summary screen then displays the listing summary with option price, fees and total. Also, the selected public key and optional message for vendor are shown. Please, check that everything is ok. To place your order you must provide your PIN number and select the “Place order” option.

4. Once your order is created, it is not submitted to your vendor until the funds are recieved. Shown next are the public keys used to generate the multisig address. The first key is selected from your pool, with the second key selected from the vendors pool and a third key the market generates uniquely for each order. Select the, “Payment instructions” options to the see payment addresses and required amount. Use the wallet of your choice to transfer funds. After 4 confirmations your order will be automatically submitted to the vendor. The vendor will then process your order and mark it appropriately.

5. When your order is shipped, you can finalize your order.

6. Make sure that everything is ok with your order before you select the “Finalize” option. When finalizing an order you must provide your PIN number to finalize.

7. You will get a message to confirm that your order has been successfully finalized and the funds will become available for the vendor to claim.

Some important notes about ordering:

  1. Do your research, check reviews for both listings and vendors before placing an order.
  2. Check that you have enough funds available to make a purchase.
  3. Use GPG encryption when communicating sensitive information by manually encrypting your message, or you can let market do that for you.
  4. It is recommended, but not mandatory that you make a copy of “Redeem script” and store it securely after you create an order to ensure that you can claim or refund your funds in case market is unavailable. “Reedem script” is available under “Multisig details” tab. Once order is finalized/cancelled and claimed/refunded, you can delete backup of “Redeem script”.
  5. Make sure that you have your corresponding Bitcoin private key stored securely in case of refund.
  6. Prior to finalizing an order, make sure that everything is ok with your shipment.
  7. Depending on the listing type, (I.e physical or digital,) the order will autofinalize after a certain amount of time. For physical items, autofinalization period is 21 days and digital 3 days.
  8. In case your vendor doesn’t process your order, autocancelation will occur after 3 days and your funds will became available for a refund.
  9. Make sure to have a valid reason for dispute. Disputes can be solved with vendor directly. If you and the vendor can’t come to resolution, both parties can then escalate the problem and ask for market support by filling a new ticket. To create new ticket go to the, “Profile” menu and select the “Tickets” option. Select “New ticket” to start filling the dispute. Be sure to explain your problem in detail to assist market staff in resolving the dispute.

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Make sure to register using this link and check out the detailed help section on the market which offers clear tutorials:


And don’t forget to review the market on our Acropolis listing page!

We really like to encourage the use of multisig market and invite all markets to provide us with usage tutorials.

Updated: 2015-12-17