Nucleus: Issues & Possible Exit Scam?

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Posted by: DeepDotWeb

December 16, 2015

#4th Update on Nucleus: Seems to be back up: Nucleus Market.

#3rd Update on Nucleus: “We have answered some questions about unaccessible accounts on the Support, but server will stay offline for next 5 – 9 hours due to preparations for relaunch.”

#2nd Update on Nucleus: “We are still investigating the problem. Server should be back online yesterday.”

Update on Nucleus homepage– Please hold until everything is confirmed as fixed (if at all):

======End of update====

During the past 24 hours we had multiple reports from vendors being locked out of their accounts on nucleus market, which is (or was?) the second largest market currently, there reports were posted on such as this one.  During this time buyer withdrawals seemed to be unaffected. Currently the market seems to be down:

It is not yet clear if this is yet another (totally unsurprising) exit scam in our even growing list of exit scammers or some technical issue. We’ll be following and updating when / if we will have any new info. So far there were no reported updates from the admins.

Either way, if it goes back up – you should avoid any deposits to the market until the issues with the locked out vendors are cleared.

Until then, remember, exit scams are part of the dark net markets game, here are some alternatives:

Currently uptime issues are also being reported on Cryuserv which is hosting several vendor shops.

Since Agora was shut down, it became the season of exit scams when, as expected, the next “default” markets in line took advantage of the massive agora refugees traffic and exit scammed. So far we had Abraxas and middle earth, maybe now Nucleus? who will be next… only time will tell.

Updated: 2015-12-16