Nottingham Man Jailed For Attempting To Buy A Gun From Dark Web

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Posted by: Benjamin Vitáris </a></span>

December 14, 2015

Harry Woodward (21), of Church Street, Newark, has been sentenced to 21 months in prison for an attempt to purchase a handgun, which cost roughly £1,100, from a dark net market (which has not been named by the court). The man said he needed the gun for self-defense in case of a terror attack, describing by his own words he needed the firearm “in case s*** hit the fan” concerning terrorism.

When Woodward was arrested on April 14, he claimed he “had nothing on him now” and “had just been messing around online”. Despite his attempt for the handgun purchase, Woodward did not receive the Glock firearm and the 100 grams of ammunition that would come with the package since law enforcement authorities have intervened successfully.

Tina Dempster from prosecution made this statement:

“There’s no evidence to suggest there are connections or links to any organization.”

In order to ease the case, Smith, QC said this regarding the 21-year-old’s attempted purchase:

“There was no explanation other than his naivety.”

According to official court documents, the sentence of Woodward was delayed since the psychiatric report on the man’s mental health was being carried out. However, the professionals who conducted the mental test found nothing serious.

When Woodward’s defense applied for a suspension of the 21 months jail term, Judge Michael Stokes, QC, declined and made this statement:

“I am well aware, young people, particularly it seems young men, do very, very stupid things, and the things they do are not entirely representative of their good character. Even if you meant to keep [the gun] under your bed or in the garden it’s a very serious offense. I would not be doing my job if I suspended this sentence in this case.”

Updated: 2015-12-14