DNMAvengers: Hosting DoctorX & New Partnership with Energy Control

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December 12, 2015

DoctorX, Fernando Caudevilla, is a Spanish Family Physician who has been offering a service of information and assessment about drugs in a risk reduction perspective since April 2013. First in Silk Road Forum and then in Silk Road 2.0 Forum, the Hub forums & Evolution market forums, he has answered more than 1,100 different questions covering topics as effects, dosage, combinations, adverse effects and toxicity, use of drugs in diseases or physical conditions, contraindications, pharmacological interactions, therapeutic cannabis… His work has attracted general media attention  and has gained popularity into the Deep Web during the last year and a half.

Now the “Ask a Drug Expert Physician about Drugs & Health” thread is re-opened in DNMAvengers forum, where you can ask your harm reduction related questions at:


The Drug Testing Service For DeepWeb Users.  As it was published on their  forums:

“Hello Avengers! We have some more exciting news for you!

We have recently reached out to Energy Control and they have been very welcoming of our initiative.

We are now offering the ability to pay Energy Control directly, without any up-front payment from our members, or reimbursement.

That means that all you need is an envelope/package, a pill/blotter/microdot, or 50mg of powder and the proper international stamp to send a letter/package to Spain!

We are extremely excited to announce this and we’re sure that it means more users sending in tests since they don’t have to pay up-front.

You will find the updated detailed instructions here:

How it works: http://avengerfxkkmt2a6.onion/index.php?topic=5.0

Submission tutorial: http://avengerfxkkmt2a6.onion/index.php?topic=16

Updated: 2015-12-12