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December 8, 2015

LiquidVPN solution is supported by a company that understands the difference between quantity and quality. They own a small network and don’t plan to develop worldwide as they believe that versatility and personalization are the best things to focus on right now. Also, they think that a smaller network means better speeds for their clients.

The LiquidVPN solution is quite young if it were to compare it with its top rivals on the market and it is located in Michigan, USA. The solution comes with a few very interesting features like an easily customizable software client, with a pretty inspired name (Liquid Viscosity), a few extra layers of security for users, and the Modulating IP technology (the IP changes continuously so it will make the identification very difficult).

Customers interested in privacy and surfing the deep web may express their concerns in regards to this company’s location (US). Still, you shouldn’t worry about this as they implement a very strict “no logs” policy. They do so by using shared IP addresses and amazing encryption standards.

LiquidVPN has servers installed in 10 different geographic locations that can be easily accessed and used. The entire network is made out of a few different types of servers that can offer a certain type of privacy and security services. Thus, there are:

  • DDoS Protected VPN Connections – these servers are extremely well equipped against any DDoS attack which makes them great for companies, gamers and Forex traders.
  • Dynamic (Public) IP VPN Servers – each user will receive a randomly generated IP address each time they connect using one of these servers.
  • Shared IP VPN Servers – because the IP addresses are actually shared by multiple users, the privacy and security levels are high on these servers. These are also the most popular ones offered by LiquidVPN.
  • Static IP VPN Servers – users have the possibility to choose a static IP address on the server. This address will not be assigned to anyone else. (NOT RECCOMMENDED FOR DEEPWEB USE)
  • Modulating IP VPN Servers – this type of servers allows the users to modulate their IP addresses between servers, every time they access something online. These may be the best serves to use when you want to surf the deep web.
  • P2P Optimized VPN Servers – these servers are perfect for bittorrent and P2P connections.

LiquidVPN Free Trial

Sadly, they do not offer a free trial that allows users to test the solution before submitting to at least a month of paid service. They do mention that they offer Money Back Guarantee if the user is not completely satisfied with the service. All you have to do, as a user, is to cancel the subscription and contact them in order to receive a refund (terms and conditions apply to this, so be careful to read everything before placing an order).

>> Click HERE to Visit the LiquidVPN Official Site

Interface & setup

The site is quite attractive and well organized, but they do have some problems with pages that don’t load. Given the fact that the site is the first interface possible customers get in contact with, broken links and pages that don’t load properly are definitely a big issue.

The software client interface is quite attractive and easy to understand. Also, the installation process is simple once you downloaded the appropriate client from the site. You don’t have to be registered as a user in order to download and install the client, but it will ask for username and password once the installation process is completed. In order to create an account, a user will have to place an order.

To connect to a server, simply choose a server and the type of connection you want by accessing the icon in the Notification Bar. Users also have the possibility to configure the settings and appearances.

One of the great features LiquidVPN has to offer is the high level of customization for the software client. After registration, the site offers a new menu, called Scripts Library. Here, a user has the possibility to download scripts for its type of client and increase the available functionalities. For example, the Windows client can receive added functionalities like:

  • Start Application on Connect
  • Enable Internet Before VPN connects / Disable Internet on VPN Disconnect
  • Fix DNS Leaks
  • VPN Check
  • DNS Leak Prevention
  • Close Program on VPN Disconnect

All these amazing features and the fact that a user can choose which ones to implement, make the Liquid Viscosity (LiquidVPN client interface) one of the best on the market.


LiquidVPN uses OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP on their servers. The OpenVPN encryption is a CBC 256-bit AES with 2048-bit RSA key, which is actually the latest hit on the market. The PPTP uses a 128-bit MPPE and the L2TP is protected by a 256-bit encryption, which are also good, but more vulnerable.

The most impressive security technologies used by LiquidVPN is the Modulating IP system that offers genuine privacy benefits. Sadly, the system is a bit heavy and lowers the server’s performance.


Sadly, LiquidVPN is a US based company and their laws allow for no logging of users internet usage. According to their Privacy Policy, no usage logs are being kept. Usage logs means that they will not log and store logs containing information like browsing history, IP addresses, traffic data, and so on. They do keep bandwidth usage logs (for their own personal protection and refunds). They also implement a Transparency Policy, where they state they will make public any abuse notices, complaints, and warrants within 24h. This is a great feature for those using a VPN to hide your Deep Web activities.

They do allow P2P connections (there are actually specific servers that are built for this), but they do ask users to implement these connections with non-US servers.

Terms Of Service and Privacy Policy:

Connection Speed

Even though the network is not wide, the servers are strategically placed so they benefit from good speed and maximum bandwidth. The speed tends to vary from one location to another, but most of the time the speed is good. Still, if the user wants to use the Modulating IP system, then speeds will drop significantly.


LiquidVPN can be used for both privacy and online security, as it offers all the standard VPN features and more. Users can access content blocked based on geographical position, can hide their IP address, access information without being victims of data snoopers and governmental agencies. Also, they are protected against common threats like WebRTC, DNS/IPV6 leaks, and VPN disconnects.

It can also be used by companies that need a private channel for their file sharing and conferences with branches in other countries.


The most popular features that make LiquidVPN an interesting solution are:

  • 3 OpenVPN Tunnel Topologies – each user gets to choose the type of topology to use
  • Various types of encryption for various types of activities (PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN)
  • The LiquidVPN client is versatile and can be easily customized and enhanced using scripts offered on the site
  • Dedicated servers for P2P so users can access torrent files and share them via P2P connections
  • Almost complete privacy by the fact that they don’t keep any usage logs
  • Hardware infrastructure is continuously improved and updated
  • The servers are located in strategic places so they can benefit from great bandwidth and security
  • Support team available 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Shared IP addresses for increased level of anonymity and security
  • Modulating IP VPN technologies that help the user change its IP every time it runs an online interrogation
  • Randomly assigned IP addresses every time a user connects to the VPN
  • Accepts Bitcoin


  • Computer
    • Microsoft Windows
    • Apple Mac OSX
  • Mobile
    • Apple iOS (Manual Configuration, No app)
    • Android (Manual Configuration, No app)

For the moment being, the LiquidVPN client is compatible only with Windows and MACOSX operating systems. They are working on an Android app but it is not completed yet.

Users can connect from Android, iOS and Linux into the VPN, but without going through a client. This means that some manual settings will have to be implemented by the user, but the guides available on the site are pretty explicit and they can be easy to follow.

Pricing and Checkout

Unlike other VPN solutions that create pricing packages by time periods, LiquidVPN packages are separated according to the number of simultaneous connections they allow. Thus there are 4 basic packages that can be both paid monthly or yearly (with discount if the user wants to pay for the entire year). The price starts at $7/month for the Sidekick package that allows only two simultaneous connections, continues with Road Warrior for $10/month and 4 devices, Ultimate for $18/month and 8 devices and ends up with $20 (starting price) for a business VPN account that requires more than 10 simultaneous connections.

>> Click HERE to Visit the LiquidVPN Official Site

If it were to compare with other solutions on the market, LiquidVPN is quite affordable. Once the user set the type of submission they desire, the checkout process is quite simple and the user is asked to fill in name, email, password and favorite payment method. LiquidVPN accepts PayPal, Bitcoin, Card, other crypto-currencies and cash (only USD).


The support team is available 24/7, 365 days a year and will respond quickly to inquiries and issues. Users have the possibility to submit a ticket using the ticketing system available on the site, by selecting one of the 5 options available.

The site also offers access to an extensive knowledge base where FAQ and other information are presented. The information organization is not extremely well-realized, but with a bit of digging, any user will be able to find the wanted details.

In conclusion

LiquidVPN is a solution that promises performance and innovation, and most of the time manages to deliver. They are young and small, but they do understand how a small network could be in the benefit of their customers. Also, they offer new technologies that make the VPN channel more secure and the user more difficult to track down. If you are not worried about having many options for connection servers and the manual configuration of your mobile devices then LiquidVPN is a good choice, if you would like more options and more of a selection of servers then you would probably want to try out one of the top VPN’s on the VPN comparison page that has more counties served.

>> Click HERE to Visit the LiquidVPN Official Site

Updated: 2015-12-08