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December 3, 2015

IVPN is the product of a team of information security specialists, founded in 2009 and developed continuously in order to become the one better providers of online security and privacy on the market. The development continues even today and the service and network are up to date with the latest open source technologies and security techniques. The company’s main purpose is to ensure clients have access to a transparent and easy to use service, whilst their data remain secure and private.

The fact that the company managed to maintain its position in VPN solutions since 2009 offers them credibility in front of other, younger companies. Also, they promote transparency and communication using an easy to understand and browse interface on their site. Every piece of information is easy to find and everything is thoroughly explained.

The company’s network size is not very impressive, but they manage to offer connections in 10 of the bigger countries located all over the globe, using 17 servers. Also, they currently service clients from over 150 countries. The countries they cover and the servers available are as follows:

  • USA – 4 servers
  • Canada – 1 server
  • Iceland – 1 server
  • United Kingdom – 2 servers
  • Netherlands – 4 servers
  • Germany – 1 server
  • Romania – 1 server
  • France – 1 server
  • Switzerland – 1 server
  • China (Hong Kong) – 1 server

IVPN Free Trial

Given the fact that their network is not very wide, the team doesn’t agree with free trials. They consider that such an option would load up the network unnecessarily and affect the current paying customers. They do however offer a 7-day unconditional money back guarantee which is pretty much the same thing as a 7-day trial.

Regarding their Money Back Guarantee Policy, they will refund if the user asks for it in the first 7 days from the submission. The user is not obliged to offer a valid reason for changing their mind and refund requests are honored rapidly.

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Interface & setup

The first connection between the company and a possible client is established on the site, which we really liked. The site’s interface is simple and elegant, promoting an airy design with lots of useful information that earn the viewers’ trust pretty quickly.

The company provides both software clients for every operating system it supports (where such a client is required) and manual installation instructions. Even though each step in the manual setting is thoroughly explained, if you are not a technically savvy user, it is recommended to simply follow the download and install the client, rather than adventure on the manual setting.

The setup process requires the download of the correct software client and the installation on user’s device. After this step is completed, the user must login with a valid IVPN account or sign up for one. The sign up process is simple but it also requires choosing a plan and submitting the payment for it.

Once the client is activated on a device, all the settings are automatically loaded, fact that makes the job extremely easy for beginners. After everything is set up, the next step is choosing a server and the type of connection. Tests showed that all the single-hop connections were realized immediately while many of the multihop connections failed to happen.


IVPN is a company founded by online security specialists so their servers implement a 256-bit encryption for each of the available options (OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP) where available. Also, according to producers, the solution will protect you against any known IP leaks, thus protecting your device, information and privacy.

The multihop technology they implement is absolutely great for increasing the level of security and accessing the Deep Web without worrying someone could trace the route back to the user.

IVPN also offers specialized routers that can be installed by homeowners in order to protect all the devices that connect to the internet via that router. Users can see their offer of routers on the site by accessing the dedicated page: ivpn.net/vpn-routers.


The company is currently based in Gibraltar, a country where online companies are not required to log and keep logs for customer data. This allows IVPN to be a true VPN solution that has the possibility to offer complete anonymity.

According to their Privacy Policy, they do log some data and it is of extreme importance for the company and their team that users will completely understand this. Basically, they register the email address used to create the account and the IP address of the device used for sign up. These data are logged in order to identify any fraud attempts, but they do not keep any sensitive information that could be used to track the user. Also, according to the chosen payment method, some payment information could be linked to a user’s account.

If any governmental institution would ask for information about users, through the valid legal channels, IVPN will have to address the request but, since the existing logs can’t be traced back to the users, the company won’t have any valuable information to offer.

They also offer access to a “Warrant Canary”, a monthly published notification that contains two important pieces of information:

  • if the company was subjected to any warrants or searches (none up until now)
  • headlines regarding updates and other major changes in the software.

If ever these notifications cease, then the security and privacy were breached and users should consider taking measures.

Terms Of Service and Privacy Policy: ivpn.net/privacy

Connection Speed

IVPN values their clients’ time and they keep a keen eye on maintain a clean system without bottlenecks or other events that influence the speed. To keep things under control, IVPN implemented a few very effective methods that allow them to keep a fast solution:

  • They only use network providers that offer high performance and reliable tier 1 bandwidth.
  • They are selective with users who want to try the service by removing the trial period.
  • VPN servers are situated as close as possible to the base of customer in an area and these locations are continuously revised.
  • Their servers implement the latest technology that is capable of supporting encryption request for hundreds of users at once.
  • Each server is working at a fraction of capacity in order to handle well peaks and high demand periods. This is realized by maintaining a low number of subscribers per server.
  • Network usage is monitored 24/7 and any issues are fixed in maximum 24 hours.

Due to all these methods, IVPN has great speeds that allows you to do what you want to do online like streaming with no issues. Please note: the speed is a bit slower is during the multihop connections, but this is to be expected.


Given the fact that IVPN is a solution that has the possibility to offer real privacy, the usability is quite good. The secure connections and single and multihop connections offer users the necessary safety for sensitive file transfers, online financial activities, deep web accessibility and the chance to avoid any online attacks that could be devastating for both the device and the user’s lifestyle.

Navigating through the desktop client is extremely simple, there are not a lot of extra features to confuse or distract you. You just open the app, select your server, click connect and you are protected and anonymous.

IVPN do not have their own mobile app yet so you need to use the “OpenVPN Connect” open source app that you can download. This is a bit disappointing but they will get to it eventually. The “OpenVPN Connect” app is used for nearly all VPN’s that do not have their own Mobile app and is extremely reliable. It is just not as user friendly.

IVPN is a powerful and exclusivist VPN solution that offers the following features:

  • Great speed.
  • Single-hop and Multihop Connection.
  • Transparency with the Privacy Policy and Technology Used.
  • Protection Against Data Snoopers and Governmental Surveillance.
  • Protection Against Identity Thieves.
  • Protection Against IP Leaks.
  • Access to TV and Online Streaming That Block Users via Geo Location.
  • P2P Traffic Allowed (Except US Servers).
  • Bitcoin Accepted.
  • 7 Days Guarantee.

Multihop Security and Privacy Feature.

Single-hop and multihop connections are terms that define the route of a connection. For example, a single–hop connection is routed only through one VPN server before reaching the target specified by the user. A multihop connection is routed via 2 or more servers for an increased security and anonymity. Please note that the speed of your connection will decrease when using the multihop option BUT it will increase your anonymity and security.

Another great feature offered on their site is the fact that users can actually see the servers and the level of loading.


IVPN is a well-developed solution compatible with a series of devices and operation systems like:

  • Computer
    • Microsoft Windows
    • Apple Mac OSX
    • GNU/Linux
  • Mobile
    • Apple iPhone iOS
    • Android
  • Routers (specialized or compatible)
    • DD-WRT

IVPN works very well with Tor browser if you want to surf around the Deep Web. By enabling the multihop feature you will maximize your anonymity and privacy although your speed will be lower than normal.

Pricing and Checkout

IVPN follows the traditional one packet that includes all the features but varies in price according to the time period a user is willing to use the service for. Thus, the price ranges from $15 to $100 on time intervals that start with one month and end with one year. IVPN’s prices are quite high compare to other providers but they do offer a great service.

IVPN prices are as follows:

  • Monthly is $20 for the first month then $15 per month.
  • Quarterly (every 4 months) for $40 per quarter ($10 per month).
  • Biannually for $70 ($11.67 per month).
  • Annually for $100 ($8.33 per month).

The checkout process unfolds in two main steps. First, users will get registered using an email address and selecting a payment gateway. The second step is following the instructions presented in the confirmation email.

In order to be true to their word and maintain users’ complete anonymity, the accepted payment methods on IVPN are PayPal, Bitcoin, and cash.

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IVPN offers rather limited options as the user can’t access the team via phone or direct email (only via online forms). They do have a ticketing system, an extended knowledge database with FAQ and everything is thoroughly explained on the site. They are fast in answering any questions sent via the online platform.

In Conclusion

IVPN is among the few VPN solutions that are true to their word in regards to privacy. They do respect their affirmation, and no logs that could lead to personal identification are kept. Also, the payment methods are created to help maintain users’ anonymity and safety. IVPN is indeed a solution that can be used to surf the Deep web anonymously.

>> Click HERE to Visit the IVPN Official Site

Updated: 2015-12-03