Allegedly: German DNM Vendor Sold The Weapons Used At Paris Terror Attacks

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Posted by: Benjamin Vitáris

December 2, 2015

According to official documents from the Stuttgart prosecutor’s office, the weapons that have been used at the November 13 Paris terror attacks were from a German dark net vendor under the username DW Guns. The documents say that two AK 47s and two Zastava M70s were sold by the arms dealer to a customer in Paris on November 7.

The German newspaper, Bild made this statement:

“French investigators believe that the weapons were allegedly used in the attacks in Paris.”

When asked about this matter by the media, the prosecutor’s office firstly did not comment the case, however, later they added this about the weapons dealer:

“He was allegedly converting non-lethal weapons to firearms and then selling them online,” a spokeswoman of Stuttgart prosecutors office said.

The Bild said that the German police arrested Sascha W., a 34-year-old man on November 16 from the southern side of Magstadt on the suspicion of illegal weapons trade. He is accused of selling firearms on the dark net under the pseudo name of “DW Guns”. The newspaper added that 4 emails on his smartphone showed that he had sold “4 Kalashnikovs assault rifles to an Arab in Paris”. During the raid the local law enforcement authorities have found 16 other firearms.

According to German officials, the vendor is suspected of 8 deals that have been made on dark net markets (which has been unnamed) from mid-August to mid-November in 2015.

Updated: 2015-12-02