TheRealDeal: This Long-Dead Market Was Just Relaunched!

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December 1, 2015

Just when you think you’ve seen everything, the darknet scene surprises you again, this time its our old acquaintance from the selling malwares and exploits which gained extensive media exposure and was involved in some of the more prominent events we had last year such as:

And some other DNM related drama’s behind the scenes.

Few months ago, a member of this market team known as “Ping” was arrested during some unrelated bust of a darknet hacking forum and a carding operation, and two other members were supposedly arrested during the  Darkcode forum bust (their actual status or ID were never confirmed), while the main market admin remained at large.

About two weeks ago, the admin renewed his contact with me and was able to verify its the same person, he also agreed to answer some questions related to the previous events leading him to take down his market and re-launch it, here are his answers:

This situation is pretty unusual… a market being back after being down, up and down again, right after the admin says some of the staff got arrested in the Darkcode bust, what the story behind this?

There is not much that can be said, at least without compromising the very basics of operational security, but what I can say is that most of the original team is not with us at the moment. Currently, at least for the time being, the market will be under the management of me (identified in support as admin S.P.), an old vendor that has stuck with us from the beginning, and a couple of trustworthy people from other darknet communities. I can also add that the main reason of the last down time was paranoia, if it turned out to be justifiable or not, I cannot say..

I guess you know what the first thing that people will think (honeypot), What can you tell them?

People are free to say and think whatever they want, I myself support that very much. But I think the main answer to this question is thinking without the influence of darknet goodies :) If there was any sort of problem on our side, or if we had done anything wrong – we would just rebrand, slap on a new name, some css and new domain – wouldn’t we? I think what’s important is our stand and belief in a fully mutisig market that focuses on high quality digital goods and before we were forced to shut down, we were right on track if not already there. I must admit we also purchased high quality exploits from our vendors for full price and I will also admit that it benefits us in other ways – to have first dibs on brand new exploit code.

When you shut down, it was done without returning users funds in sort of “exit scam”, any plans to returning those missing BTC?

When we shut down, or more like before we shut down, approximately 5BTC ended up in an address we no longer have control of. If anyone thinks this can be called an exit scam they are absolutely crazy, those are peanuts compare to the money made from the market.

We do however intend to collect the very same missing amount from market fees, vendor fees and additional services we are launching. This collection will be fully visible to the public too. If anyone who lost coins during that small period of time can show us proof for his transaction (for example signing a message with they’re bitcoin key used for the transaction) we will be more than happy to pay them back.

Is this the same market or any improvements were made?

The market is mostly the same. At the current stage we are running from a backup that includes approx 10,000 users and 800~ listings. All vendors who registered in the past can login *without paying the vendor fee*. Any account (and associated listings) not used until the 25th of December will be deleted and removed in order to make sure only active listings are presented.

In addition to this, we have created an automated DDoS service (button at top menu) which is up and running, and we will be adding 2 more services in the next few days – The first is a free service that will allow anyone to take a sample of information or database they plan on buying, and check if it was ever made public (by comparing samples of information like email/password combinations etc… with a huge amount of leaked databases that we know of.) This service will be maintained by one of the biggest data breach/leak actors out there.

The other service is a cryptowall generator (or CTB if you like) – This service will cost money and will require the user to input a url that they own to log passwords and other unlocking information, and also a payout address and message. This will produce the user a Fully Undetectable exe that can be used instantly.

We have a few more cards up our sleeves but that is all I can say for now :)

Did you patch those bugs that were reported back than?

The previous most known “issue” where one could see escrow addresses is absolute nonsense created by a failing market admin (he is known on your website as ‘inspector’ and on reddit as a bunch of throw away coward users). Many blockchain indexing services out there know exactly which addresses are associated to which market. We will shut this after we done paying back the 5 BTC that got stuck in limbo – just for the sake of full disclosure.

Anything else you want to add?

911 was an inside job! (no, not really)

Updated: 2015-12-01