Canberra Teen Jailed For 4 Years For Importing Drugs From The Dark Net

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Posted by: Benjamin Vitáris

November 10, 2015

A Canberra teen (whose name can’t be published due to legal reasons) has been jailed for importing drugs from dark net markets and selling them to local high school students and peers. According to law enforcement authorities, the teen has sold cannabis, LSD, MDMA and cocaine worth tens of thousands of dollars for about a year.

When the police raided the teen drug dealer’s home in May, they found $14.035 in cash, all kinds of different drugs and paraphernalia, including scales. According to court documents, he imported the total of 64.4 grams of MDMA, 1.21 grams of cocaine, and one gram of LSD. He was also charged with the trafficking of 2.082 grams of MDMA, 0.27 grams of LSD, and 700 grams of cannabis. The court stated that the intercepted drugs are worth between $10.000 and $34.000.

According to the ACT Supreme Court, the teen started his drug business in his high school selling and buying cannabis. After that, he became so successful that he started importing other drugs from dark net markets from overseas. He shipped the illegal substances to a PO box he rented under his name.

The Australian law enforcement authorities discovered the first shipment of the teen in September, last year, after that they observed another six packages of the young drug dealer.

He plead guilty for the charges of importing border controlled drugs, drug trafficking, and possession of proceeds of crime. According to the court hearing on Monday, the teen has no criminal history and he has been considered as low-risk of reoffending. However, a report showed that he had shown “little insight into the effect of the drugs he sold to his customers” and “the harm it had caused to the community”. A youth worker stated that a full-time jail sentence would prevent the teen’s rehabilitation since it would force him to cooperate and associate with other offenders.

Judge Richard Refshauge sentenced the teen drug dealer to a total of 4 years of jail time and to be fully suspended upon entering a four-year good behavior order with a security of $100. The judge added that the business had been both sophisticated and naïve since the teen had the drugs shipped to an address under his name and he used his own mobile phone number for the deals. The judge also stated that the teen drug dealer needed to understand the consequence of the drug trade on the community and on his own life:

“Your offenses are a massive breach of criminality. But one I’m confident you will put behind you.”

Updated: 2015-11-10