Gorseinon Man Jailed For Possessing Illegal Weapons

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Posted by: Benjamin Vitáris

November 5, 2015

Jeffrey Paul Lloyd, a Gorseinon man, was jailed for six years for possessing an arsenal of illegal weapons that had been found in his home during a raid in March. The law enforcement authorities have discovered a handcrafted pipe gun, a cache of ammunition and illegal pepper spray. Lloyd stated that he bought the weapons from Agora Marketplace (from the dark web).

Lloyd told the police that he has an apocalyptic view of the world and he bought the weapons for survival purposes.

After a tip-off from the Metropolitan Police in London, the local police officers also found an array of knives, an axe and a crossbow. Ian Wright from prosecution stated that the man bought the weapons from a dark net marketplace (Agora):

“The different details were provided to the Met Police by a seller in Germany as a customer had purchased prohibited ammunition and firearms,” Wright said.

Wright also stated that the local law enforcement authorities have immediately arrested and detained Lloyd at his house who showed them his bedroom where they found ammunition for a 9 mm pistol and 12 bore shotgun cartridges.

Ian Wright made some other statements regarding the case:

“He also indicated he had CS gas.”

“He stated he had two reasons for the purchases; firstly to kill himself but also to use for survival and other situations,” Wright stated that Lloyd has made full admission during the police interviews of possessing the illegal firearms and weapons without the relevant certificates.

“He said he had purchased the ammunition and weapons on Agora – a marketplace on the dark web. He would use bitcoins enabling him to purchase goods using them as payment.”

Wright said a steel metal pipe had been made into a gun with a firing pin and he added: “An officer was able to able to successfully test fire the pipe gun using 12 bore cartridges.”

This is not the first case of Lloyd, however. He has been sentenced two times before, one time he got community rehabilitation for attacking a woman with a hammer who was sitting in her car in 2001 and he was actually jailed after stabbing the woman in 2004.

John Tarrant from defense stated that Lloyd has an obsession with the end of the world. His statement goes by:

“There is something of an unhealthy interest or obsession with an apocalyptic vision. It appears that the circumstances in which these weapons were found seem to match up with that particular apocalyptic vision.”

He also added this note regarding the homemade pipe gun:

“He says that the weapon was made only for himself.”

Judge Peter Heywood sentenced Lloyd for six years of prison. The judge stated that the pipe gun is considered as a deadly and serious weapon, which could cause injury or death. He added this statement:

“In my view you would be considered a danger to the public. You have an antecedent history that shows that you have used violence to members of the public in the past. That is a significant concern.”

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