The Blockchain Magic: Φ Free Anonymous Internet

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October 8, 2015

Update 12.10.15: Source code is now available for download at this link.

Note:  Source files are still not available for review at this time, according to the system developer “To avoid Alt-coining, source code will be published after its user number reaches 1000”.  so proceed with caution if you want to test this system and use sandbox.

Introduction post about “Φ ” provided by its developer:

What can blockchain technology do besides decentralized currency system or decentralized contract system?

A decentralized content sharing system: Free Anonymous Internet Φ!

Φ is a decentralized peer-to-peer content sharing system. Empowered by Blockchain technology, Φ shows some unprecedented advantages:

Ultimate Freedom: content can NEVER be deleted, locked, modified or censored. Once published it is accessible from anywhere.

Ultimate Anonymity: No real world personal data needed. Footprint is untraceable.

Main Functions

Publish and Browse

A content field is added to transaction output in Φ system, enabling contents published to Φ blockchain.

Publishing contents on Φ does not need any registration as you normally do with a centralized website or mobile app. Contents are uncensored. No one can delete or modify (including the publisher) once the content is confirmed by Φ network.

All information on Φ blockchain is public to every Φ browser. To browse on Φ, you will not leave any trace on what information you’ve browsed because every peer has a full copy of the whole block chain.

Since every piece of content has a publisher address (Public-key), following and tipping the poster or commenting to the content is available. In personal homepage, all contents published by an address are listed, which works as a decentralized Facebook or twitter.


Anonymous encrypted chatting is enabled by sending contents encrypted by a shared-key derived from sender and receiver’s keys. Since the message is relayed by the Φ network, there’s no direct connection between sender and receiver. Meanwhile, similar to publishing contents, to send or receive message on Φ system doesn’t require registration, so Φ messenger keeps the highest possible anonymity.


Φ shop is the first one in history that carries the information flow and cash flow in the same system. With the same Φ account, you may publish any product, receive order, and even receive payment in real time.


Φ domain is similar to ICANN domains, but without any central registrar. Φ domain has more freedom and flexibility: it can be redirected to a Φ ID, a Φ link or even a normal http link. With a domain, avatar, alias and intros can be set to an account which is way cuter than messy addresses.


With a free automatically generated Φ account on the first start, you may already receive Φ coins from others. In Φ wallet, there are basic functions for balance and transaction history.

Mine coins

By contributing computing power to help confirming transaction on Φ network, miner will receive transaction fee as incentive.

Internet browsing

Standard web browser function is integrated in Φ system. You may simply use Φ as a normal browser.

Other innovative functions

Weighted Multisig: Multisig is enhanced by adding signature weight to each address.

Blockchain link: A link pointing to any content on blockchain, identified by block height, nTx and nVout.

Vout locktime: Each vout has individual locktime.

Mempool entrance threshold: when mempool is full, an entrance threshold of fee rate will be enabled.

Mempool tx override: When a tx is stuck in mempool without enough fee to be collected in new blocks, sender or receiver may add fee and override the old tx.

Off-chain service: More centralized service such as offchain instant messenger and cloud storage can be developed in the near future.

New POW Hashing Algorithm: A new algorithm incompatible with Bitcoin or Litecoin ASICs.


Φ system is designed with an Infrastructure-API-Applications framework. This framework enables plug-n-play of unlimited new applications. Serverless dynamic websites becomes possible: the Φ Browser, Φ Messenger and Φ Shop are all good examples.

Where to find?

Official website:

Currently a windows version is available for downloading. To avoid Alt-coining, source code will be published after its user number reaches 1000.

Promotion is going on: send your Φ address to to get free 10 Φ coins which allows you to publish 10KB long content to Φ blockchain.

Updated: 2015-10-08