DNM Vendor TripWithScience Donating Funds To Charities

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Posted by: Benjamin Vitáris

October 7, 2015

Have you ever wondered if there are DNM dealers on the darknet who are donating money to charities? Honestly, I have never ever imagined such thing, however, TripWithScience, a well-known vendor on DNMs has donated 4.392000 BTC (worth $973.50 at the moment when he has donated the funds) to the charity Doctors Without Borders.

It is a great act from TripWithScience, in addition to that, he has done the donation twice. He has donated 1 month’s earnings to the Red Cross to help the survivors of the Nepal earthquake in May 2015. The amount the vendor was donating was 25 BTC ($5,848 at the time of donation).

The first donation of TripWithScience was significantly more than the latter, however, the point is not how much do we give to charities, but the act itself. I personally think that if most people would be on the same point of view as TripWithScience, the world would be a much better place. No matter what you do and who you are, you can be a manager of a company, a gardener, a drug dealer or the president of the United States, the fact that you have donated funds to help people is enough.

A user on Reddit has asked TripWithScience about the reasons why he has donated 1 months of his earnings to charities 5 months ago. He responded with an honest answer: the vendor does increase both his and the darknet’s reputation with this act and, most importantly, he helps people by donating. It’s a win-win situation.

”Maybe other vendors are doing this quietly. But the Darknet gets such a bad rap – and I truly believe that we are a collection of (relatively) law-abiding citizens safely exploring the limits of our consciousness, and the nature of these darknet markets eliminates or drastically reduces the crime that most people associate with drug culture. We’re a net positive for society and the economy. And by being public about my donation I can at least give one thing for people to point a finger at and say: ”See? Not so bad, these guys.”

I make every effort to help my customers have an amazing and safe experience with my product. I heard one businessman say once “What motivates you in your business? 50% of your ‘reward’ should be the money, but the other 50% should be testimonials. If you don’t believe your products help people then you should find a new business.” … and I took those words to heart. And have you seen those PSAs where they tell people “if you ever buy drugs, you are supporting TERRORISTS, because… er, reasons!” Well, I wanted people to know that this week if you buy from me, you are DIRECTLY helping those in dire need. And I think that most certainly would make my customers feel better and influence them towards a more fulfilling experience when they trip.” said TripWithScience in his response.

In his most recent donation (3 days ago), he stated about the same:

”Like last time, the reason I’m now being public about this donation is because I want the world to know that even though we’re a community of drug dealers and users, we aren’t hurting anyone by confining our (non-violent, victimless) criminal activities online. And in this instance, a percentage of the money some of you have spent on illegal drugs is going directly to help those in need.”

I think TripWithScience provides a great example for the whole DNM community with his acts, and maybe these kinds of acts are needed to save the reputation of the whole darknet.

Updated: 2015-10-07