Interpol Is Indexing Darknet Sites

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Posted by: Benjamin Vitáris

October 3, 2015

Madan M Oberoi, Director, Cyber Innovation and Outreach, Interpol, has made an announcement this Wednesday that the Interpol is indexing darknet websites that they believe is related to illegal activities, such as small arms trade, sale of drugs or child porn. The Interpol is trying both to index and compile a list of these websites in order to monitor them more efficiently.

Looks like the Interpol is going serious on the darknet, they have made several operations to prevent illegal activities or to catch criminals on the dark web. They have created a fully functional and simulated training course for Interpol agents, now they are trying to index as many websites on the darknet as they can.

Oberoi also stated that by date, they have indexed around 20.000 websites on the dark web. He used Slur as an example, which is a website that has been used for providing military intelligence, aerospace and defence designs and evidence relevant to ongoing trials among others anonymously.

When the anonymity of the BTC currency has come up, Oberoi made this statement:

“Ashley Madison users, whose accounts were compromised recently, were demanded payment in bitcoins to ensure that their personal data is not posted on a public domain,” he said.

He also added that Interpol is not only trying to monitor the websites behind the illicit dark web activities, but the currency, they are developing forensic software that can identify and trace back Bitcoins to the real user. This may sound pretty scary for most people, however, this project will require huge manpower, time and money to complete (if it could be completed successfully, of course).

Updated: 2015-10-03