In a Surprising Turn Of The Case: “Shiny Flakes” Confessed

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Posted by: Benjamin Vitáris

October 2, 2015

Do you remember the Shiny Flakes case? If you don’t, let me remind you: Maximilian S. AKA Shiny Flakes has been busted early this year and the German police have found huge amounts of drugs at this stash. Since Maximilian is 20 years old, it is still a question whether he could be considered as an adult or is he considered as an underaged by the court. He both sold drugs on DNMs and clearnet (he had his own marketplace).

Shiny Flakes’ trial has been going since March, 2015, he denied all the charges that have been against him, however, the case has took a quite surprising turn. According to this recent vice article in German The 20 years old ex-vendor has confessed all his crimes and told the court some other information regarding his operations that may sound interesting.

Firstly, he described his whole drug-dealing operation as a ”strive for a perfect project”, he did not intend to deal drugs only for his enrichment. Maximilian S. has tried to make money online (starting from 2013) mostly legally, by copying fee-based porn sites, however, the competition on this part of the market is pretty strong and he finally gave up his idea. Instead of putting his 2000 Euros in porn, he decided to invest this sum in drugs. So, he bought some shrooms (the weight is unknown) and 30 grams of Cocaine from a well-known German DNM dealer and resold the drugs online.

Shiny Flakes has created his personal store and started to sell drugs on both clearnet and darknet. He grew big, he had colleagues that the drug dealer could work with, however, both of them were arrested. One of his partners were busted in January 2014, the other one was caught by LE at 28 January, 2015. Although Maximilian remained alone, he decided to continue his operation.

According to Maximilian S. and his lawyer, Shiny Flakes was also concerned about the quality of the drugs he sold. He watched and commented on forum posts and reviews about his stuff in order to get the opinion of his buyers. Also, a quite rare step that most of the DNM vendors do not take, he sent his drugs (especially coke) for testing. He did regular drug tests both legally and illegally. The legal tests were conducted at ”Energy Control” in Spain or at Switzerland at ”Safer Party”. However, Shiny Flakes also sent his drugs for testing to the University of Munich for high-tech testing of his products. He paid the researchers (test conductors) with a proportion of his Cocaine.

All of the time there was a ”mentor” who helped Maximilian in his darknet deals, the mysterious mentor provided him general information on how to get things done, but most importantly, he or she provided Shiny Flakes a contact list that has been pretty useful in Maximilian S.’s operation.

Another interesting information about the whole project of Shiny Flakes is that Maximilian has worked quite hardly on his operation. According to him, there have been days when he worked at least 16 hours. During this time, he did not spend time for his social life, he spent all his time dealing drugs and making his drug trafficking ring even better.

Updated: 2015-10-02