Amazon Dark Market To Update Its Features

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Posted by: DeepDotWeb

September 22, 2015

Reddit, the updates posted here to their request

To accommodate our growth we have made some additions you may find interesting

  • Improved Interface

Big changes to our GUI, make it easier navigate, get to where you need to go, and quickly discern which listings are best for your needs.

  • Stealth Mode

Toggle to disable/enable images for stealth browsing

  • Vacation Mode for sellers

Vacation mode provides an automated response message to inquiries and makes your listings inactive. Vacation mode is automatically activated if you have not logged in for over a week, and you have no active orders.

  • Automatic Order Cancellation

Orders that have not been accepted within a reasonable amount of time are automatically canceled and refunded to the buyers withdrawal address.

  • Withdrawal Address Confirmation

When you withdraw your funds for the first time in 72 hours, we send you a withdrawal address confirmation to make sure that we send your money to the right address.

  • Gift Codes

Allows for internal transfers without leaving a Blockchain trail, give codes to your friends to save them the hassle of obtaining Bitcoins to make a purchase.

  • Discount Deal Offers – Premium Sellers (ONLY)

Sellers can now create deals that last between 1 hour and 7 days.

  • Item Suggestions – Premium Sellers (ONLY)

Sellers are able to suggest listings during the checkout phase.

  • Agora Feedback Import – Premium Sellers (ONLY)

Agora vendors, you can now pick up where you left off without the hassle of rebuilding your reputation when you have already proven yourselves. As long as your PGP key on Amazon Dark matches your Agora PGP key, you will receive every single feedback you had on Agora.

You may notice that our listing count has gone down, this is due to our automatic Vacation Mode. Vendors that have not logged in for a week or more are now in vacation mode and had their listings made inactive.

Premium Sellers free upgrades are still available for reputable vendors, any seller that has at least 100 feedback from reviews that can be found on Grams is eligible. Thank you for your patience in regards to the release of this update, it has been a long time coming and we hope you all enjoy the changes.

Check us out if you you’re interested: amazon435hm6h3ye.onion

-The Amazon Dark Team

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Updated: 2015-09-22