Several French DarkWeb Sites Hacked, Allegedly.

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Posted by: DeepDotWeb

September 18, 2015

According to a report translated from magazine (Thanks to @Schmittounet for the translation!):

If you don’t want your databases to be leaked, release publicly who is the moleskin at your place.

With these few lines, an anonymous darkweb hacker announced that he has his hand on several databases of french darkweb sites.

Friends from FDW, I have ALL databases

Said the blackmailer. To prove his infiltration, the hacker explained he obtained access to all internals and privates messages of staff members from these french onion sites: FDW (French Darkweb), FDP (French Dark Place), FDW-Market and Zangdar, and also databases of The French Hidden Wiki and some vendor shops like: chris_carter; walterwhite; raol; youryorlov75; texas.

« How can you stay trustworthy and manage this crappy place of pedophile »

Said the hacker. If this is true, this will be gold for authorities.

I will contact you soon with some proofs to negotiate, but right now the hunting season is open.

The hacker summarized.

According to the report – ZATAZ.COM were been able to access to some presumed proofs: screenshots from a privates messages section which belongs to one of the blackmarket admins.

DeepDotWeb were not able to verify if these claims are indeed real – but able to confirm that some of these alleged hacked markets has been down for the past few days according to our stats.

Updated: 2015-09-18