Coleraine Man Busted For Running Drug Ring In Northern Ireland

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September 8, 2015

Richard Sinclair (32) and Kyle Hall (25), have been arrested for selling drugs.

The police think that Sinclair was the ”mastermind” of the operation, he was running most of it. According to the police, the international drug dealer had a gambling problem. His defense counsel, Michael Boyd, has stated that the gambling problem could be the cause of the whole operation; he says Sinclair has started dealing drugs on the internet, because he had to cover the debts he had made before. The official statement from Boyd goes by:

“He commenced this operation in an almost experimental way to provide himself with some extra money for his gambling habit. It simply mushroomed and got out of control,” Mr. Boyd said.

This case is quite similar to one of the recent ones where Daniel Andrew Atkinson, an old Silk Road vendor has been sentenced for 8 years of jail. His defense attorney has proven the same point that Atkinson had a gambling problem and he had lots of debts to dangerous people and has started selling drugs to pay back the money he owed. We don’t think the two cases are related, but maybe the defense attorney of Sinclair had read some news and used this information to defend his client more efficiently during the trial.

When the police have busted Kyle Hall’s house, they have found ecstasy, herbal cannabis and diazepam worth £100,000 at Canagh Road. Kyle Hall was also arrested and both men are charged with the possession of Class A drugs and the intent to distribute them. Sinclair is further accused of transferring criminal property while Kyle Hall faces additional charges of having Class B and C drugs with the intent to supply and possessing criminal property. Hall was not a partnerin the operation, but was rather employed by Sinclair for drops. The precise weight of drugs that have been found in Hall’s house goes by: ” 1,000 ecstasy tablets, 120 boxes, each containing 28 diazepam pills, 2kg of herbal cannabis, 500g of crystal MDMA and £7,500 in cash”.

Since the court has stated that the two men are wholesale drug dealers, in this case, the court has denied the chance to bail themselves out.

Luckily for LE, when the police have entered Hall’s house, they have found most of his transactions that he has previously made on DNMs. When they have made a further, more thorough investigation, they have found out that he was planning to sell around 1000 Ecstasy tablets per week.

LE not just only seized the unpackaged drugs, but they have put their hands on five sealed packages. Two addressed to Hall contained DVD boxes with £1,500 in each, according to the official prosecution documents. The other three parcels had 60g of suspected MDMA crystals. Another £6,000 in cash and LSD tablets were also recovered by the police.

There has been also a parcel addressed to Sinclair, which was left at a courier depot in Belfast that contained two jigsaw puzzles with a total of 3,000 pieces of Ecstasy and other pills with an estimated street value of £40,000.

Sinclair previously sold on DNMs under the vendor name of JerseyCow, however, he have retired from the darknet and only sold drugs on the clearnet. On the other hand, Hall, whose vendor name was No1Benzos, just started selling on the deep web.

Updated: 2015-09-08