Former Assistant Band Director At Troy Athens High School Charged In CP Case

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Posted by: Benjamin Vitáris

August 22, 2015

Eric Junod, a Holly resident, also the ex-assistant band director at Troy Athens High School, has been charged with the distribution and possession of child pornography. He was not just charged, however, he has been ordered to remain in federal custody until the end of the case by a federal magistrate judge, Elizabeth Stafford. The judge has also signed the complaint that has been made against Junod, which stated that he was part of a hidden CP service on the darknet where members have sent and received pictures and media containing child pornography.

Junod has appeared court on Tuesday, where he was escorted by two US. Marshals. At the courtroom he has said that he could not afford an attorney for the case. After that, the judge has explained the charges against him and stated that the case will continue a day after at 1 PM for a detention hearing.

Kerry Birmingham, spokeswoman of Troy Athens High School has stated that Junod is no longer employed. She also said that she does not believe that Junod had any sexual contact with the students of the high school. The official statement goes by: ” There’s no indication that there’s any involvement with the students in the Troy district.”

Members of the CP website (which we, of course, won’t name) not just only share child porn related content, but they are constantly discussing “the safety and security of individuals who seek to sexually exploit children online.”

The federal complaint states that on 26 January, Junod has registered a user on the website, under the username of Viper45. He used this username to look at multiple photos of sexually explicit content about children, including the rape and assault of a prepubescent girl.

The feds has searched Junod’s house with a warrant on Aug 17 where they have found his laptop, iPad and iPhone. On these devices, the federal agents have found around 600 child pornography related images. When the agents have searched his house, they have found him home.

During the arrest, Junod has waived his Miranda rights and admitted the trading and downloading of child pornography-related content. He stated that this has happened more than 100 times. Junod also admitted that he is possessing CP contents on his media devices. Masturbating to child pornography, including CP involving bestiality, incest and bondage was also admitted by Junod.

Junod denied that he had any sexual content with any underaged children, however, he admitted that he touched a 12 months old little girl inappropriately.

Junod also told law enforcement authorities that he has been watching child porn since 2008 and he has also been engaged in sexually explicit conversations with underaged children. According to the complaint, he has not just engaged in online conversations with these children, but he has sent sexually explicit photos of himself and also received these kinds of pictures from the children as well.

Updated: 2015-08-22