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August 10, 2015 The article has been contributed by its author – Ex-SR1 & BMR vendor “Fuckthepolice137”, profile:

It all started between 2005 and 2006, I was in my early twenties with a sleazy and underpaid job, and the need to make enough money quickly, to leave Italy as soon as possible.

While talking to a dear old friend ( one of the few with whom I continued to have relationships after school ), he proposed me some ideas to start a business together, exposing to me that he had big troubles to communicate with potential customers and supplers, since he didn’t even know a single word of English.</p>

His first idea was to buy branded shoes from China, for ridiculously low prices and reselling them in Europe, for a bigger price. He made me talk with a girl on Skype, which presented herself as a representative of a Chinese factory, which produced shoes on behalf of Nike, selling some of them under the table.

That was the first of many attempts with dropshipping, and useless to say, it was a disaster.</p> When we bought a couple as a trial, the first surprise was the price: at the delivery, they asked us customs fees ( obviously, but not for us which didn’t have experience at all ). The cost leavened, arriving almost at par with the original shoes. Also, the shoes were clearly fake, basically unsaleable.</p>

After setting aside this failure, he showed me another opportunity to be grasped. It was the boom period of Nokia mobile phones, with cutting edge devices which were sold on Ebay between 500 and 1,000 Euros a piece. We tried the same game again, looking for different manufacturers ( again Chinese ones ) and we bought the usual 2 samples. When delivered, the devices looked even faker than the shoes we bought in the past!!

Despite this, we started selling mobile phones among the many difficulties of Ebay ( banned accounts, listings taken down because “possible scams”, … ) receiving the first negative feedbacks, since our products were totally different than the ones which they should have received.</p> At that point, my friend found a little weakness in the Ebay’s security system: if he logged in his vendor account through an anonimizer ( which he paid for at that time, but I suppose it was just based on TOR, which can be used for free ), the website found an identity theft, deleting all his listings and removing any chance for the buyers to leave a feedback.</p>

When he contacted the assistance, they restored access to his account, while maintaining its reputation intact and giving him the opportunity to cheat again, without risking to receive negative feedback.

He persuaded me to open some fake listings, taking customers’ money without sending anything. The only condition from me was to not cheat Italian buyers, as it was easier and cheaper for them to obtain our datas and ask for their money back.</p>

I got the first signal that should has make me doubt of my “friend”: using his Ebay account and my Paypal, he tried to scam an Italian buyer. This man, we discovered later, was a graduate of Italian Navy, which didn’t even waited two days before starting the dispute through Paypal, getting all my personal information that way.

I sent the money back upon receiving such a request, but in the meantime the guy had already proceeded to sue me for fraud, complaint withdrawn as soon as he received back his payment. Despite this, months later, I was called by the Postal Police, which called me to their office to notify me the withdrawn of the complaint and the costs of the proceedings, which were still at my expense.</p>

At the end of 2008 we made our last attempt together. He showed me statistics on the market of generic medicines, making me see how it was generating incomes for more than 4 billion annually. We decided to head off into the market, especially on medicines for erectile dysfunction, a very substantial slice of the sales of generic meds.

We spent a few months on, which at the time was a den of scammers and abusive suppliers, selling every kind of goods from all over the world. In that time we shook contacts with many factories, mainly in India and China. We compared prices for days, charging a small percentage on the final cost, making calculations and contacting each customer present on the platform. We had decided from the start that we would have split everything in half, expenses and revenues, and each worked on their own, with my friend specialized in dealing with suppliers and I to deal with finding customers.

We went ahead for some time, making small gains from customers in Canada and USA and in some European countries ( mainly Greece, France, Germany and England ). We could have made a nice capital, we were already thinking on how to make our business a legal one and how to reinvest our gains. After a year, the unserious behaviors of my “friend” started to show up. He used to not pay our suppliers, asking products to new ones everyday. Our customers started receiving wrong products, or even smaller quantities of what they paid for, I started to receive threats and refund requests.

Our commercial activity ended with a Swedish customer, which made an order good enough for what it was our business volume, with a net gain of about 2,000€. I still remember that moment as it was yesterday, we had just met at the gym and he told me about this order. I was on cloud nine, we started to see the fruits of our hard work, but as soon as I talked about the gain we had done, he sent me back down to earth…</p> He replied that this was the first serious gain he made, that the ideas were his and he didn’t have a job, so he was going to keep the entire gain. I do not believe in the existence of divinities, although I have an open mind and accept that there could be some kind of superior life forms. The fact is that, within a few days, everything crashed, order and commercial activity. There was a big international raid, to counter the online trade of drugs, and its Swedish customer got probably caught in the middle. All the money were lost, Alibaba became hyper restrictive and the game was not worth the candle anymore, too big risk for a small gain.</p>

At that point our paths were totally divided, both work-wise and in terms of friendship. The only connection remaining is a mutual friend, which tells me what he does and I guess do the same with him.

I resumed my normal life, with my usual job closer to a slavery. I have not talked about this earlier, but I’m a chronic smoker and esteemer of marijuana; in a few weeks I had become the pusher officer of my company, I used to go work with several bags of hash, which I sold with a little gain.

Meanwhile, I kept hearing stories about my former business, through our mutual friend, who did nothing but tell me how much he was earning by selling Sibutramine, an amphetamine-based drug which was banned from the market, massively used for troubles related to obesity (and used even more heavily by people with only a little weight eccess, but too lazy to make a healthy diet and a minimum of workout). I had a chance to talk to him one evening, it almost looked like he wanted to share with me his of ingenious activity, that allowed him to live without ever having to work a day in his life.

He told me how he did to buy the tabs, the price and the various websites and forums in which he was selling the product. I inquired about what it was and it took me really a little to understand what problems people would encounter using it, and why it was banned. Basically, I am a person of sound principles and I would have felt like a death merchant, selling a substance that creates a strong addiction and severe psychological and physical troubles, hidden by a good looking blister with the sinuous shape of a girl, and a leaflet that makes it look like an aspirin. I always and only sold things that I used on myself first, at least to make sure that customers did not risk their safety.</p>

But life presents you some absurd situations, bringing you to make choices that you never even considered some time ago.
One night I was in a seaside village a few kilometers away from the city, where I occasionally went to visit a girl which lived there. I used to take with me a rolled joint of hashish, which we were going to smoke together between an effusion and the other. That night in particular she did not want to smoke, so 1/4 of it was left in my car’s ashtray.

Right after leaving the girl at home, I ran into a patrol of the police, which promptly flashed me and made me stop for a control, since mine was the only car around there, at 3 AM in a seaside village, at the end of September. They approached and smelled the the unique and peculiar odor and asked in a rough way to give them everything I had. I very politely and also I would say naively, handed them the ashtray, convinced that they would have simply threw the butt. At that point the situation became surreal, with the agent carefully placing that butt inside the cigarette pack’s plastic, sealing it with care as not even in a CSI episode (for the record, after the test at the lab, it turned out that in my butt there was an untold amount of THC, 0.02 milligrams,something like 0.00002 grams of psychotropic substance ).</p>

They began to talk to me as if I were a narcos, repeating to pull out all the drug from my vehicle, that if necessary it would be taken apart piece by piece and they would have come to check at my home. I continued to remain calm, I opened both doors with extreme kindness and always politely invited them to check. I had nothing with me and only a few grams of a bad hash at home, so I was not worried.
After half an hour lost in making the report, they told me that my driving license was withdrawn for 30 days, that I was going to be reported as a drug abuser and that I was going to have an interview with a social worker. Beyond that I should have to thank them, because if I had been brought to the police station and I was positive to narcotest, they could have confiscate my car and sell it at an auction, or alternatively make me pay a fine of a few thousand Euros.

That was a thing which stunned and changed me a lot, I realized on my own skin the absurdity of this country, where offenses against the community are not prosecuted but rewarded, while if you do something harmless you are treated like the worst criminal on the face of the Earth, with a punishment absolutely not justified given the seriousness of the offense.
To confirm this, I noted as after years of honest work for 40 hours a week, with a regular contract and all the fees and taxes paid, my bank account was always empty without having particular expenses, while my “friend” kept tell me of the bunch of money that he was gaining and reinvesting around, without anyone ever going to him for ask how an unemployed person had so much money coming in and out.</p> At that point the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back, I went to a friend’s house to smoke a joint, with whom? With his policeman friend, with whom he was often having parties with Ceres and Cocaine… It ‘s odd to think that those who are salaried (in part with my money) to defend the law and the interests of citizens, were the same that pushed me into the illegality.</p>

From then on it was the beginning of the end, I started to respect only the laws that I found right, hoping in a free market and nourishing a deep hatred and disdain for law enforcement officers and Italian institutions.

In a few days I found several Sibutramine providers, I had received a few blisters as free samples and as soon as I published the ad on a very followed forum, I received a lot of requests. There was such a high demand that I was able to sell them below the lowest prices I was reading on the forum, continuing to gain two or three times what I spent to buy them.

I felt disgust of myself as I answered customer questions, which spoke as if I were a doctor, but I was convinced that I would soon accumulated enough to quit it. It was a large market so I didn’t even have enough time to get the product that it was all bought, and it went on for a few months.</p>

Again, the usual yearly raid to combat the sale of medicines online, the forum seized by Italian police, with all the messages and logs to the scrutiny of the technicians.

After this experience, the light that finally was going to change my life (even more than I had imagined). I met an old high school friend, who spoke to me and showed me something that became an integral part of my days: TOR, Silk Road and Bitcoin. It was the beginning of 2012, it seemed something impossible, and instead after 2 full days spent on documentation and forums, I found that there were technologies I never imagined, with online black markets built on an alternative untraceable network (darknet), with a pseudo anonymous digital currency which was limited in the total emission, traded at around 4€ each and with “unlimited” growth forecasts.

I decided to try Silk Road as buyer, I had the address of my company that was perfect, since every day there were dozens of parcels coming in, both for the two companies which had their headquarters in the building and for the employees. The first purchase was some natural weed from Switzerland, arrived in 3 days. The product itself wasn’t so good, but it was amazing to see how the weed had come in a plastic bag contained inside a DVD box. I ordered Charas from India, cigarettes from Eastern Europe and everything worked perfectly.
Every time I made an order, I told the doorkeepers what was the name on the envelope, so that they could set it aside and give it to me.

I had created a perfect machine, without any risk of getting caught and I was ready to test some big orders of products almost impossible to find in Italy (first of all a wonderful weed grown in Canada). But first, I decided to buy 10 grams of pure MDMA, for a dear friend who loved the substance. In that moment, I destroyed everything with my own hands, making two gross mistakes. I used the name of a former employee, as suggested by one of the doorkeepers.

I forgot to tell the doorkeepers of the order I made, since I didn’t think it would come in just two days.
In the evening I went out with friends, got home at 6 AM and I was ready to go to work; unfortunately drunkenness and lack of sleep made me pass out on the couch. I woke up at around 11 AM still shocked, at noon I was at work and with great astonishment, I saw three patrols of Carabinieri parked in front of the entrance, with a good number of agents outside.</p>

One of the doorkeepers who was missing for months and knew nothing of my packages had returned to work that same morning, when he saw the envelope on behalf of the former employee, he went into the room where he worked, delivering it to former colleagues still present.

I can only imagine the scene, he told me that, as soon as they opened the envelope, a lot of dust and crystals fell on the desk, and I suppose some managers of the company have risked jail for this trick. So, no more purchases from Silk Road.</p>

In the following weeks I kept to inform myself on various forums and news websites; unfortunately I was conscious of how easy it was to track any kind of online activity made on the clearnet, I knew that it was only a matter of time before they got to me due to the activities I did in the past.
Bitcoin’s price continued to rise, arriving between 8 and 10 Euros each, and I could see them as the last hope of being able to fix the situation in which I was about to collapse.
I did not earn enough to buy them, and I had only a few dozen blisters of Kamagra Tabs, so I decided to try Silk Road, by registering as a seller. A week passed without any interest for the pills, not even a request for information.

A week went off without any interest for the pills, not even an information request.

I was terribly insecure, I didn’t know if it was worth to risk even more, but at the same time I was fascinated by the technology and I had been in contact with hashish and marijuana or years. As a chronic smoker, I knew them very well and I was always looking for the best quality at the more affordable price. There weren’t a lot of Italian vendors on the market, so I would not have had a cut-throat competition.

I decided to make the leap and become a cyber pusher in effect. I posted on the forum that I was a new seller, asking for five volunteers to receive a free sample of hashish each, to test time and reliability of the Italian postal service. At the same time, I needed feedbacks from customers. Four people replied to my post, an Italian, a couple of British guys and an American one. I spent that same evening to prepare the envelopes.

After cutting the hash into thin slabs, I wrapped them with cellophane, using 3 sheets interspersed with pages of newspapers, folded over and over again up to the size of a small rectangle. I have used other of these rectangles of paper as a thickness within the bag. At that point, even squeezing the envelope in the hands, it seemed to contain only padding inside. Since size and shape of hashish vaguely recalled a RAM chip, I decided that the sender would have been a company of electronic products, for the name I used the initials of my vendor ID, a clear and direct insult to law enforcements. Last but not least, the shipping address ( and restitution in case of failed delivery ) was at about a hundred meters from a police station.

I didn’t want to leave traces, so I thought that going to the post office to send the envelopes wasn’t a good idea. After checking the weight of the envelopes and the shipping cost, I used stamps to send them through a mailbox, without tracking number. I thought it was better to rely on the correctness of the buyers and possibly lose a few tens of euros, rather than being tracked by a video recording of a post office. Within 5 days from the shipment, I received feedbacks from 3 customers, satisfied with my service and product quality. The last to receive it was of course the American guy, which with my surprise confirmed the arrival of the package after twenty days.

I decided to buy a vacuum sealer, to provide even more secure packages. After publishing various hashish listings, divided by weight and price, orders started to come in. In a few days I received around 10 orders and started to arrange the shippings. My method was perfect, vacuum sealed for three times and with the paper padding. Each package arrived at its destination, together with feedbacks from satisfied customers. Over time, given the very high demand, I also began to send envelopes of marijuana, which as usual arrived without troubles. I was able to place even the Kamagra pills with a decent gain.</p>

It really took a little to reach a sales volume of about 200 grams of hashish and 100 of marijuana each week. I didn’t define myself a big drug dealer, I was trying to sell as many bags of small weight as I could, never going above 25 grams per bag. Prices were very inflated, I myself was selling at more than twice the purchase price, remaining absolutely below average prices from many other vendors. The gain was excellent, even if to me it seemed a lot less risky than selling in the street, but apparently people like the convenience, thankfully! I think I seriously risked to get caught only on one day…

I used to send my envelopes from a mailbox, which was located at about 10 Kilometers from my house. It was close enough to go there every day before going to work, but far enough to be the competence area of a post office different than the one that sorts the mail in my area. That morning I left my house later than usual, taking with me three bags to ship, headed to Russia, Australia and the United States.

Once arrived in the usual small road by which I passed every day, I realized just in time for the presence of two police patrols, pending with the windows open and the agents inside. For a moment my blood froze but I managed to stay calm, going straight without making weird moves.
I’ll never know if they were there for me, the fact is that the two machines were located right in front of the mailbox, parked parallel to each other, on either side of a one-way street, as if they were waiting for someone to stop.</p>

That encounter forced me to change sender’s info and habits. I decided to send envelopes up to 3 times a week, in casual days, from different mailboxes located in a different area.

At that time my social life was practically non-existent, I lost almost all the friendships I had; I could barely fit the schedules of the two jobs, going out early in the morning to mail the envelopes, then to work for my 6/7 daily hours. Upon returning home, I spent most of the time on Silk Road, to check orders and payments, and of course to prepare the new envelopes to send, often going to bed after 3 am to complete the process in time for the next morning.

I began to be paranoid. Every time I heard the sound of sirens outside my house I imagined that someone in uniform would have knocked down the door soon. I used to always look at my back, almost sure there was someone watching my movements. The only thing that kept me going was the knowledge that those deprivations would have led me to a better future.</p>

During my year and half of activity on Silk Road, I received a total close to 400 BTC, which I used to change in Euros only when I was in great need. I tried to convince my
dealer and friend to accept the money in bitcoin, but not understanding anything about computers he chose to accept money in cash, that he could touch with hands ( after two years I still reproach the error he did!! ).

It was a very special feeling, for the first time in life I could say to be satisfied with myself. I worked alone and with a fast pace, offering quality and safety. Most of the customers were satisfied, I always tried to help them at best if they had any special requests. I had created something with my own strength and ability, without having to ask anything to anybody. I also had in front of my eyes the difference with my “regular” work, which I have maintained as a source of liquidity and cover for my incomes; for 40 hours weekly I was paid peanuts ( salary made even more miserable by the revenue that I was receiving in bitcoins ).

The only problem was to not be able to say anything to anyone, except for a few trusted friends who were often at my house, including my pusher of confidence from which every now and then I got help in preparing simpler and tedious parts of the bagging process.</p>

I used to joke about the fact that I had sent different substances in almost all nations of the “civilized” world: almost everywhere in Europe and the United States, several times in Australia. I had more than 95% of orders successfully delivered; the few times a customer claimed it didn’t arrive, I just resent a new envelope for free ( given the large profit margins it didn’t cost me anything ). When I was outside I was floating rather than walking, it may seem silly to many but for me it was the realization of a dream.
Also bitcoin continued to give me satisfaction, reaching a peak above 200 Euros for each coin during the 2013 banking crisis in Cyprus.

I didn’t have special needs or vices, so I tried to accumulate them without exchange in local currency, despite the few friends aware of my “fixation” advised me to sell everything and take the gains. In the summer I was ready to expand my business, putting on sale 50 and 100 grams bags, although I didn’t have time to send any of them…

At the end of June came the day when the irremediable happened.

My mother woke me up with a start, at 6 in the morning. I heard a man’s voice which I didn’t recognize, calling me by name and telling me to stay calm, get up and move to the living room. I saw those two men close to my mother and at first I thought they were her friends. I clearly heard she telling me to get up because there were “many” policemen in the house. Arrived in the living room, still groggy for the lack of sleep, I had a vision that made me suddenly awaken from the dream I was living for the last year and a half: in addition to the two unknown men and another guy in casual clothes, there was a kid in uniform. The three men came from a special department of carabinieri, accompanied by a simple policeman to carry out a search. I could not believe that my house was being raided…

I tried to call my lawyer to delay the search, but of course it was too early in the morning for him to be available.
I took a look at the search warrant, which mentioned trafficking of drugs happened 3 or 4 years earlier and I was surprised at the slowness with which they arrived at my old business.

Unfortunately I had to give them the only Kamagra blister I had left home and proceeded to seize the last joint of weed that had kept for breakfast, a few hundred seeds that I kept for at least a year, grinder, cutter with its blades and my scale. They proved to not be very qualified to do searches, as with the marijuana I had a couple grams of MDMA, which they haven’t found even though both substances were in the same bag.

Another thing that terrified me, two post-it folded into 4 parts, with the first containing the user names and passwords to a bunch of sites ( including black markets and similiar ); the second one contained a lot of numbers, written thick for all the sheet, which corresponded to Euro spent and received on Silk Road, to keep track of my earnings.
The pressure disappeared when the cop picked up those post-its, he didnt open them and just returned them back in the pocket where he found them!!!
That was a relief, from then on there was nothing incriminating that they could find.</p>

The only thing that made me feel helpless and frustrated was the presence of the boy in uniform; he stood in front of the open window that overlook the courtyard of the building in which I live. He kept asking me arrogantly where I had the marijuana plantations and that he was going to search everywhere. He was talking so loud with the purpose to be heard and seen from my neighborhood.

At one point I merely have not answered his provocative questions, I looked at him straight in the eyes and I think in the end of mine he saw a bit of killing spree. It was enough to make him look at the ground and go to the kitchen, to “check” if there was anything out of place.

That day will remain forever etched in my mind, it is one of the few memories that have remained really vivid.
Sometimes I evoke my mother’s mortified and terrified look in in her eyes, since we were treated like the worst criminals in circulation, seeing the cops rummage through our clothes and memories trying to find something.</p>

Months later I found out that the investigation was started from a confiscation at customs.

They caught a big Italian drug trafficker, once in his house they found in the email’s recycle bin a few emails exchanged with me. They came to my house because they thought I had a huge pharmacy and I was the provider of that guy. Among other things, the guy in question was one of our former customers, who has been cheated because of the mess made by my friend / business partner of the time.

One of the officers saw my computer on the table and asked me if that computer had emails. At the ridiculous question my answer was just as ridiculous: “No, it doesn’t…”.
Luckily I came out with so little effort, it would have been difficult to explain why I had my computer encrypted with passphrases to be inserted anywhere.
We went to my brother’s pc, I made them go into an account that from what I remembered I had never used for anything illegal. They began to scroll through the pages in search of something, they have not found anything incriminating.

Then the agent tried to enter in the search box the medicines’ names.I did not think there was anything, instead came out a dozen old emails, exchanges of information and payments between me, suppliers and customers. By now I was screwed, they had in hands the physical evidence of unlawful importation of counterfeit medicines, the miserable blister that they found in the house. Now they also had evidence of my contacts with buyers and sellers.</p> The only blessing in disguise was that the day before I had to receive the usual stock for myself and for the market, 200 grams of hashish and 100 of marijuana. Both my pushers were late, leaving me totally lacking until the time of the search. If they had not, I would be writing from a small room with bars on the windows right now.</p>

The search of course had to be extended to my car, which was clean ( I do not see why someone would hide incriminating items in the car that he uses everyday, at the risk of running into a roadblock ).

Later they also wanted to check out the company I was working for. The policeman was shocked when he saw the squalor in which I had to work. He expected that I had a private office and was already looking forward to dismantle the drawers and desks and maybe find</p>

some mysterious packages.
None of this, he was disappointed to see that it was a very small room with about fifty computers, side by side. Obviously I hadn’t a personal desk, let alone a place to hide drugs or medications. At his eyes, it certainly looked more like a chicken coop than an office.

So, we went to the lockup for the police report, I have been reported again as a drug addicted, for which after one year and half I am still waiting to be called back to speak with the usual social worker. I saved myself in corner and asked them to add to the minutes my only statement concerning the drug and the pills found in my house: all the things seized were for my personal use only. I had to repeat it twice and the cops looked disappointed, since they didn’t expect that I would have made them write down on an official paper that I use pills for erectile dysfunction.

From that moment my life as a cyber pusher was over, so abruptly, almost without realizing it. It was like waking up suddenly from a wonderful dream and find yourself in your life, which in comparison is worse than a nightmare.

Summer ended, I began to have the need to exchange my hard earned bitcoins, to start paying my attorney and the various legal fees, related to the investigations already carried out. I had only a couple of them left, I did not have my alternative wage nor a clear mind to find some new activities to be undertaken. Four months away from that raid, what I had expected more in the last two years just happened: bitcoin’s value began to climb without stopping, breaking the 1,000 $ barrier. I was pleased because what I had believed and for which I worked hard was happening.</p>

That was also the day that my life lost meaning.
Doing a quick calculation, I realized that the little fortune in bitcoin that I managed to accumulate was the equivalent of nearly 30 years of my “slavery”.
I believe I have never cried so much since I was a kid, I had to smoke a couple of huge joints, one after the other, to be able to pass out in bed, still in tears.

I had thousands of thoughts in my mind, the freedom that I have dreamed of for most of my life, being able to travel without limits, maybe open a shop somewhere in the world, obviously linked to the currency with which I have had more to do in the last 2 years. Instead I had nothing in my hand, just for a simple twist of fate. An e-mail forgotten in a recycle bin, hundreds of kilometers away, condemned me to this. The absurdity of the situation, with the police that purely by chance found themselves in stopping the activities of a “dangerous” drug dealer, doesn’t make me sleep at night.

Knowing that such a stupid and non violent crime will take me to have a much heavier punishment than the well-known Italian politicians and businessmen (which are used to commit crimes against the community and be rewarded with positions of responsibility to hand over to friends and families ) is really frustrating.

After almost two years, I am still waiting to know how this situation will end. I continue to follow the world of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, trying to do some trading with poor results.
Return to work has become a hell, I have been sick at home in the past months, in a rage, paranoia, closed in myself, falling into a bottomless abyss. I went into an endless spiral of depression, feeling only emptiness in head and body, going to sleep at night with the hope of not waking up the next morning, I just wish to no longer exist on the planet. Soon I’ll be unemployed and I can only imagine how the pending situations with the law will evolve.

Years and years of work, attempts, failures, deprivations, swept away in an instant, only 3 months before the realization of what I have aspired more in my whole life.

I often think about what might have happened if only I had been given a few more months, without being able to see a minimum ray of light.
My mind goes back to Sibutramine, the fact that someone will probably ask account for that; on the threshold of my thirties I am waiting for the inexorable end, knowing that my life can be considered over already two years ago.

I would like to thank everyone who has read this to the end, I hope you enjoyed it. I’ve never written anything, I do not expect a profit from this publication and I apologize for the errors and the horrible formatting. I just felt the need of share my story now that I’m approaching to the end.
If someone is interested to help me, in the bottom I will leave addresses and QR codes for some of the currencies that I follow in the developments, confident that in the very near future they will be for everyday use.
Every penny raised will be used to cover legal and judicial fees, at least to keep my family out from my troubles. Most of the events reported are verifiable at any time, even if I don’t know how to do it without getting out of anonymity. For anyone willing to get in touch, I leave an email address that I will continue to monitor regularly. I’m always ready to make my experience in the black markets available for those interested in learning more or to start this type of career.

Thanks to everybody for your time. I wish you all the best.

An Unlucky Italian Cyber Pusher

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