College Dropouts Caught On Selling Drugs From Darknet In India

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Posted by: Benjamin Vitáris

August 7, 2015

If you follow darkweb news daily then I’m sure you have already came across several articles about people (mostly young) getting caught for possessing drugs that they have ordered from the darknet. Most of these people are from the United States, Canada or from the United Kingdom. However, in this case, the people who were arrested are from India.

Three young people have been arrested for possession and selling drugs to reputed engineering colleges in Kumaraswamy. The members of the gang are J Manikantan (24), Debyendu Roy (26) and Jag Saipravesh (23). Law enforcement authorities have seized drugs, including LSD, Ecstasy, weed and charas, two laptops and mobile phones. These all belong to the members of the gang.

The drug dealers claimed that they have purchased the Ecstasy on the darkweb, more specifically, on the Agora Marketplace. The fun thing about the story is, when the local police authorities tried to gain access to the darkweb website, they could only find links of an antique buy and sell domain. This could sound very amateurish, however, we must remember that not every country in the world is aware of such activities among the populace such as ordering drugs from the ”internet black market”. And another point in this matter is that India is not a popular place for darkweb users to order drugs to.

“This is the first time we are arresting peddlers who claimed to have bought drugs online,” said R Ramesh, one of the officers of the Central Crime Branch.

“They use special software to access the website, which keeps the identity of both buyer and seller anonymous. Tracing the IP address is also proving to be difficult,” he stated.

“All transactions on the website are done through fake profiles, which makes it harder to trace the users,” said another official in the narcotics wing of Central Crime Branch.

The drug peddlers stay in judicial custody until they will receive their official sentence from the court.

Updated: 2015-08-07