German Police And The FBI Arrests 40-year-old DarkNet Buyer

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June 18, 2015

Police press releaseFrom the news

As it was translated and posted by fu2rndue395ngk9s9 on Reddit:

Würzburg. A 40-year-old had a roaring trade with all kinds of illegal narcotics since the end of 2012 . The drugs he ordered over the Internet. In April clicked the handcuffs on the man. Acquiring more than four kilograms of amphetamine among others could the investigators of KPI Würzburg, as well as various domestic and foreign authorities prove. The perceived anonymity of the Internet did not help the suspect in his business.

Known by the inquiry by Police Würzburg and Waiblingen, the customs investigation Munich and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, the today 40-year-old ordered the drug through the so-called darknet the Internet. This non-public Internet connections are established and often used for illegal activities. The seller of the drugs from whom the accused ordered his goods, used existing and uninvolved enterprises companies adresses as shipment adress for the drugs.

The intensification of the investigation of the KPI Würzburg and the parallel process of the customs investigation and the FBI led to the arrest of drug dealer in Würzburg. The evaluation of the evidence from the bust of a darknet platform in the US showed that the Würzburg had regularly ordered larger amounts of drugs via Internet since the end of 2012.

Meanwhile, the law enforcement agencies involved believe that the man has also ordered from other illegal sources narcotics in large quantities. Since November 2014 more than one addressed to the accused packets could be intercepted with a total of one kilogram of amphetamine, as well as cocaine and ecstasy.

The accused was brought before the investigating judge during his arrest in April 2015 and since then sits in custody. He is accused of trading of more than four kilograms of amphetamine, more than 300 ecstasy tablets, a few grams of cocaine, Crystal, and cannabis, and other synthetic drugs.

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Updated: 2015-06-18