PSA: DeepDotWeb’s New Onion Gateway!

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Posted by: DeepDotWeb

June 6, 2015

Update: New onion URL

You asked and we listened. So good news to our readers out there –  from now on you can browse DeepDotWeb 100% anonymously using our new Onion gateway:


  • Site is fully functional on the onion version with disabled scripts  (Only 3 negligible features won’t work – leaving stars rating when writing market reviews, the homepage slider and the top news scroller won’t show)
  • 100% anonymous browsing and participation.
  • Although we could never confirm that these ever happened here, but anyway – No risk of malicious exit nodes or any other type of MiTM attacks
  • In the upcoming week or two, new HTTPS & HSTS should be implemented on the clearnet version. The delay is due to some technical difficulties we are working on.
  • Hoping that this won’t be abused too much so we will be able to keep this gateway up and running.
  • This is the only real URL:  http://rtz6kznga4anujwu.onion

Updated: 2015-06-06