Gwern: Silk Road 2 Scrape Torrent Released

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Posted by: DeepDotWeb

May 20, 2015

On This Reddit thread by Gwern:

Torrent file; this is a 3.4GB XZ-compressed tarball containing ~57 partial wget mirrors of Silk Road 2 ranging from 2013-12-20 to 2014-11-06, of >800k files/35GB. Contains mostly HTML and images encoded as CSS (which was just how SR2 did things). Note that few or non of these crawls are complete because SR2 was large, slow, had occasional downtime, Tor occasionally times out, and sometimes spammers like Profesor_house choked the listings. Caveat emptor.

(SHA-512: 1891d7e812ce7ee426bd9c56949d22f7733f3b9f4bba5d398e6f6600cd215ffc3a4ebc3d88643630e0e16d03a5ce1a04d8f3a3885bf04a7597091cfa3db92915)

I am releasing this for research purposes. If you do anything interesting with it, I would appreciate you leaving a comment or contacting me about it.

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Updated: 2015-05-20