Vendor Interview: UnderGroundKings

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Posted by: DeepDotWeb

April 28, 2015

Evolution scam:

DeepDotWeb: Sure no problem… so what makes you want to do an interview? (beside the obvious of maybe getting some additional traffic

UnderGroundKings: Just show the vendors that they don’t need to believe soo much in DNM… After some time they all put the exit scam, Or found by Police!

DeepDotWeb: They don’t need to believe in DNM’s and should believe in what instead?

UnderGroundKings: You know what should be handy (my opinion) , Great a small market with selective vendors! For buyers it would be open, but for vendors closed. So you keep the security high! you have quality for drugs!

DeepDotWeb: Basically you are advocating vendor shops instead of markets?

UnderGroundKings: So you keep the security high! you have quality for drugs! At this moment it’s one big chaos! Everybody are running from market to market losing drugs / products / bitcoins… one big mess…

DeepDotWeb: You are not operating on any markets at the moment? just on your own shop?

UnderGroundKings: Yes i do.. only agora!

DeepDotWeb: When its up.

UnderGroundKings: The guys doind a great job. only sad they are down so many times, But on the other side when they are down!A LOT OF CUSTOMERS are contacting me tough mail.

DeepDotWeb: Now that evo and Agora are down you must be getting much more traffic?

UnderGroundKings: Yes indeed! Just opened my mail again 15 mails!

DeepDotWeb: What are you selling?

UnderGroundKings: Pills ( XTC from the source ) , Speed , MDMA , LSD , 2-CB , Weed, Hash.

DeepDotWeb: Are you EU or Us ?

UnderGroundKings: EU! Amsterdam!

DeepDotWeb: Selling international?

UnderGroundKings: Almost. Bulk Yes. Small order not.. Scandinavic – USA – New Zealand – Australia.

Recently 2 big Dutch vendors (HollandOnline and Duchmasters) & One big German vendor (Shiny-Flakes) Were arrested, Don’t you afraid of being the next one?

UnderGroundKings: I work in IT Security.. So i know what i am doing ( not affraid but very much aware what i am doing )

DeepDotWeb: But computer OPSEC is not the only failure point, it also shipping, sourcing… once they want to get you – they can get you (profile the mail etc…)

UnderGroundKings: all paid in bitcoins, some of my co-workers workes as LI ( Local Intercept ), sourcing if pretty funny. Because they are all dudes commincation using pgp and using protonmail + privnote. When they don’t answer there email anymore i know something is up! The place where i pack the stuff, the amount of drugs is kept as minimum as possible!

DeepDotWeb: What do you do to protect your customers?

UnderGroundKings: one word: Encryption. Computer – encrypted / Drive encrypted / VMWARE iso encrypted / Linux distro encrypted. The list where i hold the adresses – encypted. After arrival / Whipped…

DeepDotWeb: So what interesting stories can you tell us about your life as a vendor? Do you have regular work? family?

UnderGroundKings: Good question, if you would see me… You would NEVER think it would be me! regular dad! 1 kid. works at a international IT company

DeepDotWeb: So vending is not making you enough money for full time job.. ?

UnderGroundKings: they both making almost the same salary for me!

DeepDotWeb: So why vending? is it worth the risk?

UnderGroundKings: I cant stop working because i will miss a lot of information they are giving me now! + they will see cash flow from a house where people dont work ? weird right ? Don’t forget that the Netherlands are VERY good in tapping ( same like NSA) phone calls / internet / mails everything is saffed for a longer periode of time.

DeepDotWeb: But Netherlands have very easy drug laws, no?

UnderGroundKings: Laws for use yes – for selling international will bring a lot of problems. If i sold a lot to USA they could hand me over to USA easy!! and then im done! Reading right now the story of the germans (shiny flakes). Next funny thing: The police leave with both dealers, the hard drives, and Mortiz’s laptop. They also confiscate 48,000 euros in cash and an unbelievable cache of 320 kilos of all sorts of drugs, sorted, and stored on the shelves in Moritz’s childhood bedroom.

UnderGroundKings: You can leave with my computer… but i am afraid it will take some time to decrypt it, they will sooner make me a deal / offer then trying to decrypt all of my stuff . You will never find 320 kilo’s at my place!! you will never find cash!!

DeepDotWeb: Yeah, holding 320kg in your house is pretty dumb thing to do

UnderGroundKings: and cash, other thing is i am not greedy! Money is the score and not the game! if i need to choose 5 small order or 1 BIG ASS order! i choose always the 5 small once’s.

DeepDotWeb: Are you testing your drugs before selling them? (LSD,mdma,xtc,speed at least)

UnderGroundKings: No the source is pretty know in the dutch drug scene. i trust them 100% and the last 5 years never had a problem with the quality!

DeepDotWeb: How long have you been operating on the DarkNet?

UnderGroundKings: Right now for 5 years, i already sold before the whole DarkNet thing.. Online selling!

DeepDotWeb: Where did you sell online before DNM’s?

UnderGroundKings: When a DNM go’s down i also switch automatically from Accountname,PGP key & everything! whole new online setup finds place.

DeepDotWeb: Which markets did you operate on?

UnderGroundKings: Silkroad 1 / 2 Sheep / Atlantis ( took a break ), Silkroad 2 got bused (ttook again a break ), Agora / Evolution / Nuclues

DeepDotWeb: And now you are only on Agora and your shop?

UnderGroundKings: correct and this gives me at this moment the right amount of money to play around for fun! Go on holiday’s , buy stuff i never could before! If a high dutch tax comes in! i don’t care… pay it easy! Car broke ? no problem..

DeepDotWeb: How much did you lose in the marketplace scams/busts/shutdowns?

UnderGroundKings: Silkroad 1 – around 650 euro. Silkroad 2 – around 1300 euro. If Agora would go offline at this moment i would lose around 6 bitcoins.

DeepDotWeb: Than not too bad i must say.

DeepDotWeb: What else can you tell us – some inside info about vendors life, market, anything that is interesting that we can use?

UnderGroundKings: No phones are used at all! Meeting with source are kept so easy as possible. Not at homes. Not at Mac Donalds parking spot! Crowded places are the best.. Before this i packed my stuff in the center of Amsterdam… Getting a mail / Police are all over the place not sure if it’s for you… Received pictures from police and dogs… pretty scary…

DeepDotWeb: Anything else you like to add?

UnderGroundKings: a Bust never happened but switched places and now each month i switch places to pack! Some dutch vendors have price deals… also my source do the same… We are not able to sell lower then discussed. Netherland is a small country the source could find out pretty easy who is the online vendor!

UnderGroundKings: I know personally couple of the online vendor’s also! ( Dutch vendors)

DeepDotWeb: You mean you know them in real life outside the DNMs?

UnderGroundKings: Yep! I see them at birthday party’s or Barbeque party’s…

DeepDotWeb: Haha thats hilarious.

UnderGroundKings: If you run’s out of pills there is a big possibility he asks me also! source wish to see order like 10.000 pills or higher! i can easy give him 50 pills for the same price that i pay from the source! no problem! You help each other out, In real life you got Rip deals , Drugs war and so one… Online is different.. you know each other you keep each other safe..

UnderGroundKings: Maybe other thing.. When i started this ( with some other guy) IF a order came in weed for example we drove to Amsterdam Down Town to get 1 gram of weed from a coffeeshop! and 2 guys packing 1 order in! took like 4 hours for 1 order. slowly you start talk to people and getting slowly to the source, it toke us 2 years to get pretty close to the source and higest quality drugs that the netherland can offer us! Now the other guy went on his own, and i went on my own. we are both using different sources, using different prices and quality.. and still shaking hands and drink a beer together.

The world will always need drugs, and if i make one month 3000 or 5000 i don’t care…. i don’t need the that money it’s money that i safe…

DeepDotWeb: Ok Great! Its been a pleasure talking to you..!

UnderGroundKings: Thanks for your time!

UnderGroundKings: Good luck with the site!

DeepDotWeb: Keep safe!

Updated: 2015-04-28