The First Ever r/DarkNetMarkets Meetup!

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Posted by: DeepDotWeb

April 1, 2015

DeepDotWeb is proud to take part in publicizing the first r/DarkNetMarkets Meetup, we will donate 5 tickets to the top commenters on this site & Another 5 tickets to the top commenters in the Reddit thread, Details:

Hello everyone!!! we’re so excited to present the first ever /r/DarkNetMarkets meetup! We’ll be offering free drugs, free booze, and free food. All funded by your favorite moderators and vendors. This will take place June the 9th-11th in Lisbon, Portugal. You are probably asking yourself why Portugal? Drugs are NOT illegal in Portugal!! How awesome is that? so there is nothing illegal about having this meeting!

Due to obvious OPSEC issues a few rules will be put in place:

  • 1. Nobody is allowed to say who they are at the event
  • 2. Masks must be worn at all times, get creative!
  • 3. No outside substances. All products provided have been tested for legitimacy. We want to avoid the need of calling 911
  • 4. To request an invite, your Reddit account needs to be >60 days old. This is to prevent possible LE showing up.

If your reddit account meets the criteria go ahead & visit the site below to register & learn more about the event!


Here is the official flyer! It’s time to get hype:

Meet your favorite mods & vendors

Market mods and admins, as well as some of your
favorite vendors, will be meeting in LISBON PORTUGAL on June 9-11. Portugal has decriminalized ALL drugs over ten years ago and there is nothing illegal about having this meeting! That’s right, drugs are NOT illegal in Portugal.

Sample vendors wares

We will be talking about how we can make darknet markets work again and the vendors have promised to bring some samples of their wares to the meetup. (Repeat: drugs are NOT illegal in Portugal).

Guest & Speakers

  • There will be many speakers including Chris Tarbell, Jared Deryeghiayan, Shaun Bridges, and Carl Force.
  • Topics will include Proper bitcoin cashout techniques, laundering, and of course OPsec


  • This is all possible thanks to our many great sponsors…
  •, CryptDesign, Darknet Solutions, Grams Darknet SE, Middle Earth, Best Korea Market, Bailey Jay, Black Bank, Kimble and Verto, and /r/darknetmarkets Mods!

Updated: 2015-04-01