Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Market Is Now Officially Open!

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Posted by: DeepDotWeb

April 1, 2015

Thought you have seen everything? think again! DeepDotWeb is proud to announce the most recent Dark Net Market: Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Dark Net Market

The market was announced simultaneously on DeepDotWeb &  on Reddit by its north Korean admin – DPRKAdmin:

Hello citizens of the world. Today is a day to remember the good, huge Democratic People’s Republic of Korea entrance to the dark market internet.

The market is accessible at this url: http://dprk56755233hhfa.onion

We host our servers in the DPRK (Korea) and are immune to US imperialist interventionism. While we in the DPRK are communist; we have a mutual capitalist venture with our Southern imperialist counterparts in the Kaesong Industrial Region.

Currently there are not many vendors operating on the market but here is a quick view of the available products and categories:

Features of the market includes:

  • BTC price live on NK Wons
  • CAPTCHA is to prevent the robot USA & includes insults at Capitalism!
  • Invitation code for registration
  • Filled with our popular suppliers Since cheap cannabis because legal
  • English support with Korean also!

Opening day comes with no commission only!

The market will be added to our marketplace list.

Updated: 2015-04-01