SR2 DB Leak Update: 10% of The Data Released

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Posted by: DeepDotWeb

February 13, 2015

(This is a short news update) Note that we have not verified this – just reporting as a newsflash: Background –  New post:

Original Post:

Block 343278 has appeared.

Block hash: 00000000000000000b4996f90ee1f1a7a5eb1bf07c235d31a7fa3d3276e4a36c

Here are the secrets for 10 random chunks.

64 02f38bdf9909fbaded6fcbc84fc54432a8a9bf092890312222674b1e95624b1a2f 66 03617629bb8dde7cb6371f1ec434bdf2f180a0d4f4dbe5a6c0fd0eb4ecd397b000 55 02eadd6f661df9df9cb3771f5c915add9296740861dd560571a472898d598e5d8b 21 020679d067642a8d5c5e7faaf9d70a0d23aab66f054f9db4260fe2a089bd870a1a 37 0379e5cf03321910cd30fbad9c06eea2156ac3be2fe50b832f38d53737aafa07bd 58 03a5e00c8f5e2125708efebf8fc167ba3e19e85d30c8f5f602f21a85d16c6d9462 98 03f80875ef0bf403fd26b58fd8d68e4cb464684b03930e6935949af8aae0fa13d7 26 034a36141579419cde14932da392948e46f367f4a0ff487fbd51e279ee6c8ee93b 32 02931f32d06a8c59a9661d07a48d54ada2d2cf6efbc252656e1d86aed3048ba784 45 021e2bd10bfdb89d53ee6e42a5e05ed08ac5f48b6f9a36101aac2da7988d9af8b9</textarea>


To unlock use

dl_unlock CHUNK.64 02f38bdf9909fbaded6fcbc84fc54432a8a9bf092890312222674b1e95624b1a2f dl_unlock CHUNK.66 03617629bb8dde7cb6371f1ec434bdf2f180a0d4f4dbe5a6c0fd0eb4ecd397b000 dl_unlock CHUNK.55 02eadd6f661df9df9cb3771f5c915add9296740861dd560571a472898d598e5d8b dl_unlock CHUNK.21 020679d067642a8d5c5e7faaf9d70a0d23aab66f054f9db4260fe2a089bd870a1a ...</textarea>


I’ll allow some time for everybody (or 10% of you) to find themselves in here. As I said, this first dump only contains usernames, internal user IDs, some basic account type information and hashed passwords. The method of hashing is sha1(salt + password) with a single static universal strong salt. PM me if you are interested in purchasing a peek at the salt.


Once you are all satisfied that the dump is authentic I will start with these chunks if you find yourself wanting more.

0 1DwUf61Y2KNgpDbpychhzYU37Voj8L4vHB
1 1FPpCtfaUZ4nc7cHhCdZpVMtvEvz7nGzG4
2 1QEkzYq6pqhUbKFW33Rvs4pAYwHeSodHzC
3 1EyV1KeA2yXMxZNBrvVj8oZWqdf2jY5Lep
4 15G9D7rvCqHsFW76y5GWeqEL5gx9HX3WFF
5 1ArryDakqVZqjDfQahojj6QMpoh2LS7PY5

If these addresses receieve a total of 2.5 BTC I will release the keys for the first five blocks by spending the received Bitcoins.

Updated: 2015-02-13