Grams Bitball: Darknet Lotto on Tor – For Tor

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January 29, 2015

We are happy to introduce another product by Grams!

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The release, as it was provided to us by GramsAdmin:

Hi all, Every since Operation Onymous , I have been working on a project to get the Tor project more donations. There was lots of rumors that Tor had been hacked and de-anonimized. Even though these rumors have turned out to be false and Tor is still secure, I think the Tor Project needs as much money as possible to help keep it that way. So I created my new site to give incentive to the people who use Tor the most to donate their extra bitcoins.

I present to you BitBall: bitball6vducog3f.onion

How it works?

BitBall is a bitcoin lottery based on the US Powerball lottery. The winning numbers drawn twice a week for the normal US based lottery Powerball will be the same winning numbers for bitball. Since the jackpot for bitball is extremely less than powerball and we will sell fewer tickets, Bitball will only use the first four numbers drawn from the powerball numbers. If you match those numbers in any order players will win the Bitball jackpot. The game play works like this…

  • Players can buy tickets for .01 bitcoins
  • Each ticket has 4 numbers on it between 1 and 59. (either chosen by random or picked by the player)
  • If those 4 numbers match the first 4 numbers of the powerball drawing the player wins the Bitball jackpot.
  • The Jackpot will start at 15 bitcoins and go up 2 bitcoins every time there is no winner.
  • If a player matches 3 of the powerball number they will win .1 bitcoins.
  • If more than 1 player wins the jackpot it will be split amount the winners.
  • Drawings are every Wednesday and Saturday night at 10:59 p.m. Eastern Time.
  • Ticket buying will be suspended 1 hour before a drawing and resume 1 hour after.

Winnings Claim

We made the winnings claim process easy. Winners can enter their ticket hashcode in the claim form and will be prompted for a bitcoin address. For the first couple of drawings I will be manually approving winnings payouts to check for fraud or bugs. During that time it could take up to 24 hours for winners to get their winnings. After that it will be an automatic process and winners will have their bitcoins within 20 minutes!

All the proceeds get donated to the Tor Project

The donations will be given to the Tor Project once a week and displayed on the Bitball homepage. To prove the profits will be donated I already donated 2 BTC this week for the launch. You can verify the the transaction of the donation on the home page’s donations section. I know a transaction hash doesn’t prove I donated it, but anyone who doubts me can email the Tor project and ask if they received it. I made this donation, and will make all donations, under the email I always see Reddit and forum posts from users asking what to do with their extra bitcoins. I think this will be an incentive for user to donate their spare bitcoins to Tor and maybe win big.</p>

Grams Connection

The site is separate from Grams but if it takes off, as I think it will, I will be adding support for Grams’ users to buy tickets directly from the bitcoins in their Grams’ account. This will mean instant tickets without having to wait for blockchain confirmations. This will also make it easy to spend the extra bitcoins a user’s Grams account.

Adaptive Process

I just came up with the ticket prices, jackpot amounts , number of balls in play. These numbers may change depending on how many factors during the first few weeks. If a massive amount of tickets are sold and there is a couple jackpot winners every drawing I may need to use 5 balls instead of four. On the other hand if there are no winners for many drawings I may reduce the balls in play to 3. If changes like these are made it will be during the 2 hours of suspended ticket buying in between drawings. I will never change these factors after tickets for a drawing have been purchased.

Thanks for your time,

Updated: 2015-01-29