Infographics: Tor For Newbies – How & Why To Use It?

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Posted by: DeepDotWeb

January 15, 2015

Anonymity is, for many, an essential benefit of the online experience. It is a freedom that is rightly cherished. The argument that ‘if you do not have anything to hide, you have nothing to fear’ simply fails to stand up to close inspection.

Michel Foucault, perhaps the greatest thinker about matters of surveillance, power and control, commented that “if the prisoner is never sure when he is being observed, he becomes his own guardian”.

It is perhaps no surprise that the TOR network came to prominence roughly contemporaneously with widespread revelations about the activity of the NSA and other state-backed organisations spying on their citizens.

In our infographic we explore the TOR network: what it is, who uses it, why it exists and how you could benefit from it.

It’s important to be clear from the start that it is not a network for criminals. It is a network that has attracted criminal users, but there are many other reasons why one may wish for anonymity. Consider, for instance, a critic of a repressive regime.

The myths about the network have led to a widespread sense that TOR exists for illegality. Anonymity is not illegal, and whilst it exists we should champion it and use it.

Welcome to the real TOR.

Provided to us with the courtesy of Whoishostingthis

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Updated: 2015-01-15