2 Silk Road Buyers Convicted In New Zeland

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December 9, 2014

As it was published by Stuff.co.nz, Apparently they were Silk Road 1 Buyers, as another article suggests, that the orders were intercepted in September 2013 (see this Reddit thread for details):

Auckland [NZ] couple Daniel Wayne Fowler, 23, and Lisa Marie Clark, 22, appeared for sentence in the Manukau District Court today. Fowler pleaded guilty to importing a class B drug. Clark pleaded guilty to possession of class B and C drugs.

Fowler’s lawyer Tudor Clee, however, argued that the importing charge would have only been a possession charge if his client had not used modern methods of drug purchase. If Fowler had gone down to “the local gang pad” to buy drugs, he would only be facing a possession charge, Clee said. “Because of the method being easier, safer and cheaper, the penalty increases… If he had done the same thing and gone to the gang pad he would be facing one-twenty-eighth of the penalty.” Clee said his client used the crypto-currency Bitcoin to buy the pills off the “dark web” site Silk Road.

Cost-wise, there was a massive discrepancy between the Silk Rd and street prices. Clee said his client was found with 201 pills because the drugs were so cheap they could only be bought in large batches to make it worth-while for the seller. “It’s not possible to buy five or six pills,” he said. The 200 pills were bought for somewhere between $200 and $300, Clee said

Fowler had also been caught with a cannabis growing operation and he pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis for supply… Clark was originally charged with importing the Ecstasy but that charge was dropped.

Updated: 2014-12-09