Opportunities Abroad For Deep Web Entrepreneurs Part 1

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December 4, 2014

The majority of the users are from and live in the west. For business and cultural reasons this makes a lot of sense. Living in the west allows you to ship to people in your particular western country, which is important as it is mostly people from the west that can afford the higher price charged for drugs on the deep web. Shipping from a foreign country will the require the drugs through second screening process, customs which is not ideal. People in the west also, tend be more familiar with and have more access to technology.

The west is also one of the most hostile places to be for someone who is part of the deep web. The west is where the War On Drugs in its modern form can be tracked back to and though, they have been making aggressive moves to make this “war” global, it is still by far, the most enforced back home. The War On Drugs is why the USA and many European countries have turned into police states. Outside of the west lays a vast number of possibilities to live a freer life.

Vendors are a different case, but marketplace owners, developers, and other people who can do their work regardless of their location moving is abroad is a great choice. A choice that could save you from becoming a victim of the war on drugs. For vendors, there are disadvantages, there are also many advantages to moving Abroad. Getting closer to the source and getting the product cheaper, and high quality can help put you above your competition and deliver a better product to your costumers.

The main opportunity of moving Abroad would be cutting ties with the drug market. Cleaning money and moving into white market businesses, but there is also many black market business opportunities Abroad.

Bitcoin Laundering And Investment Opportunities abroad

A very strong argument can be made that laundering bitcoin is easier than laundering traditional money but it is becoming harder as regulation is creeping on the bitcoin industry. There still many opportunities out there though. Mixed thoroughly, bitcoins won’t be traced back to black market past but it still needs be legitimatized. As more and more buy bitcoin and less bitcoins are being produced, very dew people have large amounts of bitcoins. Making have a large amount of bitcoins a bit suspicious. You could get by with the uncreative early adopter story but still leaves you without a venue to exchange bitcoins into fiat currency. Bitcoin investments and business are ideal.

Starting a business in many countries is a easy process and the government keeps less of a eye on the operations on the business. Right now, it is prefect time to start this kind of business. Bitcoin is growing and really starting to take hold in developing countries. Though the west is is getting closer and closer to regulating bitcoin, bitcoin in these countries is very new countries and as a result many countries are still in the wild west phase of bitcoin adoption.

There is also many opportunities in these economies because of bitcoin being so new these countries. Basic bitcoin businesses like exchanges are needed in many of these countries. Running a exchange is a perfect opportunity to turn bitcoins for fiat. Though one day, many of these exchanges will be regulated like ones in the west, before that day arrives you could of already exchanged all bitcoins you wanted. Instead of running your own exchange, there many exchanges in these emerging economies who need large amount of bitcoin. They also, have the fiat needed to buy large amounts of bitcoin, as a lot of these startups are receiving venture capital but they lack sellers who could deliver such large amount of bitcoins. This offers a great opportunity to cleanly and quickly legitimize a large portion of your bitcoin holdings.

There many investment opportunities that can be transacted in bitcoin. For instance, you can buy beautiful beach Cambodian real estate with bitcoin. There are many investments that are starting to accept bitcoin and the number is growing.

Foreign Drug Market Opportunities And Disadvantages

If you are a vendor, moving abroad will take a bit more care and research. Being vendor while leaving in the west has its disadvantages. Buyers prefer if you live in the US so the product does not risk being caught in customs. Doing business in the west is something you are knowledgeable about and are able to maneuvered tricky obstacles.

The west is where a large portion of the world’s drugs are consumed but where little are actually produced. Moving to countries like Colombia where you can get access to some of the most high quality stuff in the world. You will also get it cheaper since it has not needed to travel as far and hasn’t experienced the western market mark up that happens as it crosses the boarder from Mexico to the USA. Colombia and other countries like it, present a opportunity to bring a higher quality and cheaper product to costumers.

The deep web seems to have spring out out freedom minded techies, rather people from the traditional black market. As a result, the deep web has been a bit distanced from the traditional black market and its sources. Going to Colombia and other places you can bring a premium source to the deep web.

There are two main ways to sell it. Sell it directly to consumers on the deep web and ship directly. Mailing will be more difficult for each order, as the distance will more than likely be farther and shipping will be expensive. Though, demanding on how cheap you can get it, it still might have some fat margins. Besides that, the buyer needs to make sure that the package won’t be flagged as suspicious. Packages from other countries tend to acquire more for suspicion.

The other option is wholesaling to other deep web vendors. Making a smaller margin but selling more. This makes the process easier in some ways but harder in other ways. Instead shipping numerous smaller packages, you could package bigger shipment but getting bigger shipments through customs is much harder. It simply comes to a question of personal preference.

Take a look at part 2 where we examined possible countries to move to.

Updated: 2014-12-04