Why the Deep Web Will Continue To Grow Part 2

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Posted by: Greg Miller

December 3, 2014

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The deep web success can’t be solely attributed to the deep web itself. The mainstream press, as well as former clearnet entrepreneurs, have been a big reason why it grew and why it will continue to grow. The combination of this, as well as what I mention in part 1 (put a link to part 1 here), has result in a positive feedback loop that will not be slowing down anytime soon.

The Deep Web Will Continue To Get Bad Press

The public, on the surface level, hates drugs and thinks they are a danger to a civilized society. In reality, a large portion of them use drugs. That is why articles, and videos that paint the deep web in a negative light, describing the drugs on the deep web, are massive advertisements for the deep web. What everyone proclaims is wrong with the deep web, are secretly selling points and reasons they start to use the deep web.

When BBC ordered DMT from the deep web, for a report about the deep web, it was one of the biggest advertisements for the deep web. DMT is not the easiest drug to get your hands on in the traditional drug trade, leaving many potential users cut off because of their location. If there isn’t enough demand for the local dealers, they can’t sell it. The deep web, being global, can carter to the preferences of the minority. Viewers of the program saw an amazing illustration of why they should should use the deep web, not why the deep web should be shut down.

The deep web has been mentioned in, and even the focus of several TV programs. The more and more the deep web becomes a part of regular the discussion, the more it will spread and the more knowledgeable people will become.

There are several documentaries coming out about the deep web that will further educate and familiarize the public with the benefits of the deep web. One documentary in particular is being directed by Alex winter of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

They See the Money, the Community, the Rebellion and Want Some for Themselves

The deep web is a positive feedback loop and that will only continue. The bigger the user base expands and the more money there is to be made. As the market grows and matures, the prospect of starting a business on the dark corner of the deep web becomes more and more attractive to black market entrepreneurs.

Becoming a dealer or starting a marketplace are the obvious choices and as result, they have become saturated with new startups. With such high competition, entrepreneurs started to look elsewhere and explore new types of businesses.

Garms is a new start-up that allows you to search for products and web addresses of the deep web. Has been called the Google of the deep web. For the first time, there is a search engine for the deep web. The irregular and short lived .onion addresses made a search engine’s job very difficult and up until now it was considered impossible. This was a huge problem because finding your favorite marketplace or surfing the deep web was very hard and a shot in the dark. The search engine allows you search for .onion addresses but most notably, specific products of dealers of various marketplaces. Besides the search engine, Garms is also bringing ads to the deep web. This is the first major advertisement opportunity for the deep web and we can only expect great things from it.

Crypt, is also a new type of deep web business. After working for clearnet clients for 15 years, they decided to work exclusively for the deep web now. Crypt is the first deep web graphic design company. The deep web was and still is to a large degree, fortunate flash back to 90s era web design but Crypt is starting to change that. It is not becoming important to have a nice looking site, as well as a brand and most importantly, be invested in your costumer’s experience. The increase competition, has caused Crypt’s services to be valuable.

Updated: 2014-12-03