5 Reasons You Should Use The Deep Web And Ditch Your Dealer

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Posted by: Greg Miller

November 30, 2014

With a rapidly changing world, technology has improved almost all sectors of life,but the drug trade has remain backwards. Decades ago, the drug trade was much less violent and there was a friendly atmosphere, but with the rise of the War On Drugs and the militarization of the police, only people who were willing to deal with dishing and taking violence, stayed. This lead to a more violent and unfriendly atmosphere.

Now, there is the deep web, a virtual black market, where drugs and all kinds of commerce flow freely. On the deep web, there are many barriers in place that protect users from the police and follow users, creating a safer and friendlier atmosphere. It has totally transformed the drug trade. Resembling  e-commerce giant, E-bay, more, than a drug cartel. Here are 5 reasons you should ditch your local dealer and use the deep web.


Buying from a local dealer is usually a gamble. There is no where you could go and see what previous costumers of him, thought about his dope. You don’t know if he cuts the dope with some other drug. Of course, when you are face to face with him, he doesn’t allow you anytime to ask about the product or inspect it. Instead, the delivery is short and rushed, leaving you crossing your fingers and hoping for the best.

Unlike the street, in the cyber world of the deep web, you can message the dealer and have a conversation about the product before you buy. There is also, tons of reviews about many of the products. Giving you insight into the quality of the product and experiences of people who have taken it. Drugs on the deep web, usually go higher than the street, and that is because of the quality of the drugs.

Not only are drugs of a higher quality on the deep web, but the review system, very similar to E-bay’s, incentives the dealers to provide better service. Dealers, like their products, are publicly reviewed, making the dealers with the best review rise to the top. This very helpful for making sure, the dealer isn’t cop in disguise or if he knows how to package the drugs properly, so they stay undetected during shipping.


The virtual and anonymous nature of the deep web allows there to be much more separation between the parties involved. As a result, there is greater safety and a lot less trust needed. Instead, of having to worry about whether this dealer, you are going to meet in some dark alley is going to rob or not, this dealer doesn’t even know your name. Not only does he not know your name, but both of you never meet in real life. There is no possibility for him to rob, report to the cops, etc.

There is also, greater safety for dealers. Dealers war against each other with guns and small gangs, but on the deep web, this impossible. The same cyber defenses that protect users, also protect dealers. Instead, of doing drive buys, some dealers, with a malicious intent, write fake reviews of rival dealer’s products. Though, it is a nuisance at times, it is absolutely amazing that this is how bad actors try to mess with other actors, instead of killing them. It clearly illustrates the difference between the deep web and the physical drug trade.

Don’t forget the biggest danger of all, the cops. The cops at this point are a militarized force and there is countless reports of cops shooting innocent civilians and getting away with it. The same cyber defenses that protect you from them dealers and other users, also hold up instigate the cops. There are too many people running red lights and buying weed in the physical world for them to go after you. The cost of tracking and arresting a pot head on the deep web is much higher, than arresting one buying in the physical world, making cops less likely to go after deep web users.


Rather that have to drive to a dark place with few people around, drugs bought on the deep web are shipped to your front door. There is no need to get in a car and waste gas, because all you need to do is to click a couple of times. Through skillful packing, dealers are able to ship the product and arrived undetected. It was a luxury that in the pass, that only the rich knew but now the option is for all.


The deep web is truly a drug bazaar. There are so many different kinds of drugs you can find on the deep web. Some that you didn’t even know existed. Local dealers, have to be careful with what they buy, because drugs they receive have traveled long distances. They keep their section limited and to what they know will sale in their local area. It is doesn’t make sense for them to sell rare and unique drugs when the population of users in their area is very small.

Since the deep web exists on the dark side of the internet, it is global marketplace. Dealers can sell their product to the whole world. There might be only one person in each city, around the world, that uses a specific drug. That makes selling it as a local dealer impossible, but if you can sell to the world, it becomes profitable.


A community, is not something people associate with the drug trade. As the saying goes, there is no honor among thieves, but drug users and dealers aren’t thieves. Removed from the stressful pressure of the police state, the deep web has developed a strong community. Users help each other with questions about products, dealers, etc. It is a community of mutual value, where they help each other.

The physical world leaves you in the dark and alone when it comes to drugs. Since there is no barriers protecting people involved in the physical drug trade, people have to be a lot more careful. If everyone formed a community and started helping each other, it would attract too attention, and they would get caught. Without this community, drug dealers and users suffer. People who have a curiosity about drugs, have no one to go to ask about about them. Instead, they go in blind, and when dealing with powerful substances, the result isn’t usually the best.

With the deep web, there is plenty of people that are than happy to help you. There is even a Spanish doctor who can send your dope to and he will test it. Looking for the purity, safety, and quality. You don’t have that in the physical drug trade.


If you are interested in using the deep web, make sure to stay updated by reading DeepDotWeb.com, regularly and explore our archives., which have a wealth of information. A good place to start is this markets list or the markets chart.

Updated: 2014-11-30