Silk Road 2 Admin Blake Benthall Released From Prison?!

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November 26, 2014

Update:  According to the documents on Pacer his status is ““Detention on consent without prejudice.” (agrees to stay in jail) & According to Vinelink,  he was transferred to an “Unknown location”, which explains the “released” part fom the BOP site:

So he was not released, and being held in an “Unknown location”. Thanks to Reddit user World177 For confirming the info!

========Update End============

**This story is not yet clear and is not yet verified or explained – we are trying to figure out what happened here – if you have any further info please contact us**

According to the inmate locator,  Blake Benthall, the alleged Silk Road 2 admin was released from prison on 11/21/2014, if you will search for his details you will be presented with this info:

Register Number: 20045-111
Age: 26
Race: White
Sex: Male
Released On: 11/21/2014

According to the BOP website , Released status means:

“RELEASED” means the inmate is no longer in BOP custody.

This info was first published on this Reddit thread by Reddit user /u/horse_ploppies who wrote:



Register Number: 20045-111

Age: 26

Race: White

Sex: Male

Released On: 11/21/2014

I’ve been checking the inmate locator periodically for a Blake listing as I was wondering if he’d wind up in prison with Ulbricht and how uncomfortable that’d be.

For example:

Ross: “So you ripped off my idea and turned it into total steaming pile of shit, dude. What’s up with that? Hey, let’s do yoga” etc.

Anyways, he’s suddenly listed when he wasn’t before and he’s suddenly listed as released.

CAN IT BE… He’s testifying against Ross U and is in the witness protection program now?

He’s also deleted his twitter: Linkedin is still up: and his instagram exists at the moment:

Gwern? La Moustache? others? get off your Thanksgiving turkey eating asses and get on this pls. Thanks :))))

UPDATE 1: From the federal prison website it says that if an inmate’s listed as released he’s been released


Release Date: If the listed date has passed, the release occurred on the date listed and the inmate is no longer in BOP custody. Note however that the inmate may still be on parole or supervised release or in the custody of some other correctional/criminal justice system.


Witness protection.

MOAR on why he’s not being moved to another facility, yada, yada…

Location For inmates still in BOP custody, this shows the name of their location. Inmates shown as being in a Regional Office are serving a concurrent state sentence in a state prison. Inmates shown as being in a Community Corrections Management (CCM) center are in a contract “halfway house” (not in the CCM). “IN TRANSIT” means the inmate has been moved from a BOP facility, and may or may not be returned. For example, a pretrial inmate may have been removed by the U.S. Marshals Service and subsequently released by the court with no further notice to the BOP. “RELEASED” means the inmate is no longer in BOP custody.

Without going into too much assumptions (and there are plenty of them), And although the raw info of blake being released checks out in the inmate locator, its not clear if he was indeed:

  • Released,
  • Bailed,
  • Moved to witness protection
  • Just transferred to some prison which is not listed in the inmate locator and that “released” is just the terminology used to describe the situation.

We are in the process of trying to figure out what happened there and will update once we have new information. Until than, consider this post more as a question mark rather than conclusive info.


Updated: 2014-11-26