Grams Grows with TorAds: First Advertising Network For Tor

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November 18, 2014

We are proud to post a Press Release provided by Grams Admin, about another new innovation from Grams – The Dark Net markets search engine – This time – Torads:

  • TorAds is an advertising network for both advertisers and publishers dedicated for use on hidden services behind Tor.
  • Every TorAds user can be an advertiser and a publisher, allowing you to make money and draw visitors to your own site!
  • Our top priorities are ensuring user privacy and security while providing you with a fast and reliable advertising network.
  • We do not use cookies or any other privacy invading tracking method to keep track of you, our network is behind Tor for your privacy.

Torads: http://toradsc6vvmtugty.onion/
Gramsflow link:

I am launching TorAds, an ad network for Tor, because it is something Tor has been desperately needing for a while. There are many new tor sites popping up everyday. A lot of them are just informational and have no way of generating revenue. This was the biggest problem with Grams in the beginning. Torads will provide a fast and simple way to add advertising to any site on Tor. Not only will these new tor sites be able to get word out by creating ads but also be able to make some money once the traffic starts coming. I hope this will bring a lot more innovation to the Tor network of sites.

How to get started?
TorAds has been completely integrated with Grams. To sign up just go to the site and log in using your Grams username and password. The first time a user logs in they will be ask to confirm their Grams password and then information about their Grams account will be pulled from the Grams’ server and an a TorAds account will be created for them. Each account is both a publisher and an advertiser account. I did this so new start up sites can advertise their sites while also making money by putting torads on their own sites without having to create two accounts.Don’t worry it wont show ads for your site on your site.

If you are a publisher and would like to add a TorAds spot to your site, just simply create an addspot for the appropriate size and the iframe code will be given to you. Just copy the code to your site and ads will start showing up immediately.  The bitcoins will start showing up in their account immediately also. When it is time to cash out , a withdraw can be made and the money will be transferred to their Grams’ account.

From their a <a title="Introducing Grams Helix: Bitcoins Cleaner" href="2014/06/22/introducing-grams-helix-bitcoins-cleaner/">helix</a> withdrawal can be made to get the funds to a personal wallet.</p>

To advertise in the network, which includes on Grams and Gramsflow users will need to create image ads for their site or service. They can do this them selves or use a third party designers like cryptdesign. to create them for them. Ads can easily be uploaded and assigned to a url for advertising. The next step is loading some funds in to Torads to fund the ads. This can be done from the linked Grams account. Once Grams sees a user has linked with TorAds it will create an option on the bitcoin page under Helix Withdraw to transfer fund to TorAds. It take about 15 minutes for the transfer to complete. After funds are transferred to Torads created advertisements can be activated and will start showing up on network site instantly. User can watch the hits come in with real time stats tracking.

Torads does not charge a fee because I think this is a great service that needs to be here. In the future a fee may be added on. As for what is paid to the publishers, we set a standard fee of 0.00001 BTC for impressions and 0.0001 for clicks. These prices will probably change in the near future based one the market. If sites aren’t makeing enought money we will raise the rates like wise if we aren’t getting enough advertiser we will lower the rates.

We are launching with a standard price for every ad and impression. There is no way to bid to get an advertisement to show up more often. When a new impression comes in the script will just choose an ad from the active ads (with appropriate size and category) to be displayed. I decided to it this way to avoid using cookies for tracking. I know everyone on tor hates tracking cookie. I would like to add bidding in the future, but must wait for the site to take off before putting more programming hours in to it.

What does this mean?
I bought this site off a group of very skilled developers who didn’t have time to promote it. I then had a team integrate it with Grams. I believe this was the first TOR site acquisitions. I think this mean the TOR network is growing and becoming more mainstream. Soon we may see a lot more sites devoted towards information and utility. It is an exciting time for us pioneers who are cultivating this new technology around the needs and wants of the people. I can only hope TorAds will help in this process.

We have done a lot of testing but realized their is always still more bugs to find. So if you find any bugs or have and questions or comments you can reach us at the same support emails used for Grams,

~Grams Admin

Updated: 2014-11-18