4 Deep Web Jobs That Are Booming

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Posted by: Greg Miller

November 14, 2014

Life is getting economically tough, with high unemployment and a rising cost of living. At the same time, a growing police state and a increasing amount of laws is making the average person more and more likely to be closer to the dark side of the market, compared to the light side. On the other side of the fence, in the wake of the demise of the infamous Silk Road, a void has been created. Black market entrepreneurs have been popping up businesses to fill the void and with that, has came jobs. Throw your scholarship in the trash and fire up Tor – here are 4 jobs that are booming on the deep web.


With many marketplaces popping up, the deep web is crowded and a competition for the consumer’s attention has emerged. Before, with a little amount of marketplaces and finding a working marketplace difficult, it was good enough if the marketplace you found was working for the day. Today, deep web marketplaces need to make themselves known.

Deep Web marketing is exactly something that can be learned in a classroom but there many lessons to be learned from previous efforts of marketplaces. The Silk Road is by far the most well known deep web brand to date, and will likely remain that way for a while. Since its demise, it is still widely reminisced about in the deep web forums and many sites mimic its name. Both of these phenomenon, illustrate how powerful and lasting the brand is. Dread Pirate Robert created a griping ideology behind Silk Road. He made an act that was deemed immoral by “polite society” into a virtuous and brave act. You weren’t simply buying weed but rebelling against the global war on drugs. Dead Pirate Roberts skillfully and masterfully sowed this message into the very fabric of the site.

Atlantis marketplace, which later turned out to be a fraud, stepped up the game, by being publicly interview. Before, owners of marketplaces avoided the spotlight, for obvious reasons. Atlantis saw the traffic Silk Road was getting after the deep web started to get more media attention. They realized press, with a positive or negative bent, is good press and more importantly, more traffic. Atlantis’s CEO was interviewed publicly and Atlantis was getting pretty well known. Dead Prate Robert felt the pressure on Silk Road’s dominance and decided to come out of the shadows for his public interview.

Atlantis also made a video advertising its marketplace, that was very popular on Youtube and got them a lot of attention. If Atlantis didn’t go down and continued its marketing efforts, it would of surely been as well known as Silk Road, if not more.


Programming, specifically web development, is obviously a no brainier when it comes to jobs and the deep web, but programmers have a new opportunity in the deep web. As a result of hearing about the money Dead Pirate Robert was making, more and more people are interested in starting a marketplace. Before, founders of marketplaces were usually people with a high technical knowledge. Dead Pirate Robert, for instance, programmed most of the site himself. With all the attention the deep web has gotten, people of various levels of skill have wanted to try their hand at running a marketplace. Many new marketplaces used Bitwasp, a open source Bitcoin marketplace, but the software is still in beta and as the developers of the software have expressed, it is not ready for use yet. As a result, many of these marketplaces suffered security breaches. This clearly illustrates that want to be marketplace owners are eager to find ways to get the necessary programming done, without spending years of their life learning the trade. The high level of talent needed for a secure and useful deep web site is uncommon, making the task of finding a person capable of the job hard to find.

SEO Experts

This is the newest opportunity that has popped up on the deep web. After Grams, the Google of the deep web,lunched the need for marketplace owners and dealers to pop up at the top of this list is very high. With a deep web that is growing with more and more dealers, it is getting very crowded. That trend is only going to continue. With more and more media and a maturing economy, the deep web is becoming more sophisticated and people are noticing.

SEO is going to be important for vendors and marketplaces alike, especially as the deep web the grows, but the moment it is a tough gig. Grams is still in the early stages of its development and still perfecting the search algorithm. It is very tough to keep up with the changes, that happen very often and it might be hard to find a costumer who wants your SEO services if the work will become invalid tomorrow or next week, even if done correctly. That is why, for the time being, this isn’t a job you can probably get but in the near future this will be a huge part of the ever crowded deep web.

Graphic Designer

Deep web design, for a long time, was stuck in 90s. With web pages, that were just HTML and J-Pegs for logos, the deep web was not the prettiest sight. Now, with a more stable web pages and actual companies developing, it is important to have a logo and web design that looks polished and professional.

Crypt, the first deep web design company, saw this opportunity and decided to capitalize on it. Cutting ties with the clearnet, which they spent 15 years designing for, they decided to focus solely on the deep web. They have been very successful with revamping sites like, Grams and DeepDotWeb. As more people and money enters the deep web, companies have more of an incentive to invest in their websites and make the costumer experience as pleasant as possible.

Updated: 2014-11-14