Silk Road 2 Sever Was Located At Lithuania

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November 12, 2014

The Site reports that according to the  Police spokesman (and some help from Google translate and some manual fixes) N. Mažeika “It is confirmed that the Silk Road 2 Core sever was located in Lithuania.The operation (Part of Onymous operation) was carried out after the US sent a request for legal assistance from the local Lithuanian authorities. According to the statement – the FBI investigators requested that the Lithuanian officials will make an image of the data on the server, and while this process was taking place, the site and forum seemed to be down due to some unplanned malfunctions.

The Lithuanian officials sent a copy of the imaged data to the FBI who found a “gold mine” of information on the the server containing useful data such as private encryption keys and private messages between the former site admin Dread Pirate Roberts (2) and Defcon.  The message records between the two showed that DPR2 considered his resignation from administrating the site (something that he actually did later on) and mentioned that “With each arrest my resignation is approaching.”  – And by this he was referring the the arrests of the 3 site moderators – Libertas, Inigo and SSBD, earlier this year. they also discussed the profits sharing from the sites commission.

Lithuanian officials were also involved in the closure of another four sites, other thanSilk Road 2.” Three websites were drugs marketplaces (unclear from the article which ones) and the fourth was selling Apple products (most likely a scam site). All of these websites were taken down during the operation in Lithuania “, said D.Mažeika, the police spokesman.

This is another part in the article series regarding Operation Onymous, a global crackdown on the darknet markets, During the operation there were:

  • 17 arrests
  • 13 search warrants issued
  • 414 hidden sites seized (27 sites total)
  • Hardware and digital media seized
  • Bitcoins worth approximately USD 1 000 000 and EUR 180 000 in cash, drugs, gold and silver seized

Countries involved in the operation, codenamed ‘Onymous’, include Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the USA.

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Updated: 2014-11-12