NCR Announces Bitcoin Integration into Small Business POS Software

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Posted by: Joseph Meehan November 10, 2014

Imagine going to your favorite food truck and ordering a burrito or some garlic noodles. And imagine that this particular food truck has an iPad with point-of-sale software for you to use. You look at the screen, confirm your order and press Pay Now. The screen then shows your payments options: Cash, Credit/Debit card, Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and Bitcoin. BTC will be right beside those other alternative payment options (and the traditional cash and card options) at some of your favorite small businesses.

In a press release today consumer transaction technologies leader NCR reports it will be incorporating support for Bitcoin payments into small business point-of-sale software NCR Silver.

More and more small businesses are interested in accepting alternative forms of payment. NCR recognizes that desire and has been integrating other payment options into it’s small business software on a regular basis. Reggie Kimble, NCR Small Business director of business development, had this to say on the matter:

“Gone are the days when cash and cards were the only payment options available to customers shopping at small businesses. Offering bitcoin as a payment alternative allows small businesses the flexibility they need to better serve their growing number of customers who prefer digital payment solutions.”

Support for Apple Pay and Paypal have recently been added to NCR Silver, and Bitcoin is not far behind as it’s being promised by the end of 2014. The integration into point-of-sale software will make for a much easier point of entry for small businesses to begin accepting Bitcoin. With a couple of simple changes in the back-end of NCR Silver businesses will be able to begin accepting the alternative currency.

Integration into mainstream point-of-sale software systems is a big step for Bitcoin. As more small businesses begin to accept the currency as a payment option Bitcoin will gain more and more traction as a legitimate currency. Software solutions like NCR Silver give businesses no reason not to accept Bitcoin as payment. And this is where Bitcoin is going to break into the mainstream – through small businesses. Traditionally small businesses have been the first to adopt Bitcoin and NCR Silver is just another step in the right direction. More and more people will recognize Bitcoin as a currency as more and more businesses begin to accept it as a payment option.

NCR produces software and hardware for a wide variety of business applications. They also offer a number of business-oriented services. Their software NCR Silver is iPad point-of-sale software geared toward small businesses such as coffee shops and food trucks. The software offers many different components in addition to the payment processing features: loyalty programs, e-mail marketing, in-depth reports, inventory management and more.


Updated: 2014-11-10