While Markets Get Seized: Pedophiles Launch a Crowdfunding Site

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November 9, 2014

Update: The Site was shut down – Details at the bottom of this post.

I was going to post this just a few hours before the news about Operation Onymous started to flow in, but now it seems more relevant than ever. I am sure that once the media starts showing interest in real crimes, Law Enforcement budgets will be adjusted accordingly.

Dark Net Crowdfunding Site for Child Pornography is Launched

In case any Law Enforcement agent or agency is feeling bored: one of our dark net sources provided us with some information on an illicit, dark net operation that could use some of your government resources. Recently, a person or group reached a new low when it started promoting a new “Darknet crowdfunding site” aimed at child pornography producers looking to make some money from their “content.” This crowdfunding site describes the “unfair” reality where child pornography producers are unable to earn money from their “productions.” Since people share child pornography videos for free on Tor’s various CP sites right after the first copy is sold, according to the site, producers miss out on a large portion of the potential revenue that could be “earned.” The new site aims to tackle this problem by offering a crowdfunding platform for child pornography producers:

This site is the best method for child porn producers to sell their content. Before, it was almost impossible to make commercial grade child porn, since as soon as they sell it to one person, that video is all over TOR for free. This site aims to solve that problem by having many pedos each contribute a small amount of bitcoin towards the video. Once the total contribution reaches the asking price, the video is released here, on this site, to everyone who contributed at least 0.05 bitcoin. The producer is then paid the asking price, minus a 22% commission. If the asking price is not reached after one month, then everyone who made a contribution is given their money back and the video is erased from the server.

The site’s administrator then went on to explain how he has “Zero tolerance for rape or even coercing an unwilling child to participate.”:

Our biggest concern is the welfare of children who appear on this site. {Site name redacted} has a ZERO tolerance policy for rape or even coercing an unwilling child to participate. If there is even the slightest hint that your video contains an unwilling participant, it will not be posted on the site. Light bondage is acceptable as long as it’s just role playing and the child does not appear to be in distress. In addition, children younger than three years will not be allowed to appear on this site, since children younger than that do not necessarily have the ability to communicate whether they like what you are doing to them. The same goes for children who are asleep.

We also require that if you are a producer, you must pay your child actors a fair wage. The purpose of this site is so that your delicious lolis can afford college, not so that you can exploit them for your own personal gain. Of course we have no way to enforce this rule, but please respect it anyway since it is the right thing to do.

Obviously, this operation could not exist without some safety advice and Bitcoin tumbling:

People seeing this site may be concerned about the anonymity of bitcoins. There have been many false rumors in the pedo community that bitcoins are traceable. You can protect yourself with a bitcoin mixer like fogcore5n3ov3tui.onion. You can transfer bitcoins from fogcore directly to your bitcoin address on this site. You can also protect yourself through buying and selling bitcoins with cash instead of a bank account at localbitcoins.com. Localbitcoins.com requires javascript. Make sure you disable javascript before returning to any onion website.

Dark Net Crowdfunding site for Child Pornography is Already Funding Productions

Sites like this one mentioned in this article make the child pornography “industry” even worse than it would be otherwise, because they provide an incentive for expanding the production of child pornography. According to our source, people are already capitalizing on this incentive; there are already live campaigns on this site that are being funded.

Here is a screenshot of the site, provided to us by our source, with the site’s details redacted:


So LE, Now that all these horrifying Silk-Roadian-Market Sites are down (Ok not all of them, just few), Lets see how fast you could take this one down along with the others. Ready? Go.


Update – On November 29, 2014, the site displayed this message from the owner, and was later taken down by its owner:

I spent over 100 hours coding this site, I spent over $300 hosting it, and I spent over $1000 of my own bitcoins contributing to videos because I wanted this site to become successful and I wanted you to all be able to see these videos. And how do you reward me for my generosity? By spitting in my face. You accused me of being a cop, you accused me of being a scammer. You made up fake rumors about bitcoins being unsafe to scare people away from my site. All because you are self-entitled brats who wanted your CP for free instead of having to pay producers a fair price.I never scammed anyone. I released every video as promised. I paid every producer on time. Even now in closing, I have returned all remaining bitcoins to the person who contributed them instead of running away with them myself. But that did not stop you from lying about me.

The bottom line is you do not deserve this service I created for you and you certainly do not deserve to have me in your community. I am shutting down PedoFunding indefinitely. Maybe one day if there is enough demand to bring it back I will bring it back at the same address. (If you see a different onion address it is not me running it.) But after what this community has done to me, you will have to BEG me to come back

Update: Giving the community one last chance.

“I have been monitoring pedo forums and many people have said they wish this site was still running and that I should have kept it going longer to give it a good chance of taking off. I am going to give the pedo comunity one last chance. The two active campaigns have had their time remaining reduced to one week. The total amount contributed has been reset to zero since I already refunded everyone’s bitcoins from these campaigns. If both of these videos are both successfully funded, I will keep running the site and I will also create a new feature that allows hoarders to get a little bit of money for posting their all-ready-made videos from other producers. All normal rules about releases and refunds will be in effect for these two campaigns.

So here you have it, tor-pedos: This is your chance to vote with your wallets whether PedoFunding stays, or leaves the darknet forever.”

Updated: 2014-11-09