Silk Road 2 Seized! (Multiple Markets Seized)

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Posted by: DeepDotWeb

November 6, 2014

This post is being updated constantly as this case unfolds – check back for updates. All new posts will be in this : Silk Road 2 bust Tag

Update 3: Cannabis Road forums seized

Update 2: Multiple Market Takedown: Hydra & Cloud 9 Marketplace Seized

Update: Official: Silk Road 2.0 Admin Charged in Manhattan Federal Court 

If you try to access the Silk Road 2 dark net site (http://silkroad6ownowfk.onion/), and the Silk Road 2 forums (http://silkroad5v7dywlc.onion/), which replaced the original silk road just last year after it was seized by the FBI, you will now get a seized notice signed by “a joint operation by the FBI, ICE,  Europol and Eurojust.”:

This dark net site closure comes just a few minutes after we reported on drug related busts in Ireland, as well as a statement released by Gardaí mentioning that the Ireland bust was part of an ongoing operation called “Onymous,” which involved the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation and Europol. Operation Onymous should conclude within the next 24 hours and is expected to take down several dark net markets and forums.

An international day of action to disrupt global activity on the Darknet and remove certain websites and forums is to conclude within the next 24 hours under the FBI/Europol operation codenamed “Onymous”.

Stay tuned to DeepDotWeb as we cover further developments regarding Operation Onymous. We will be following the operation and providing updates constantly. Currently, there are a few dark net markets down (check out our sidebar); we are trying to figure out if their closures came as a result of Operation Onymous. By checking the Dnstats report, they seem to have been shut down around the same time as Silk Road 2:

  • Hydra 14:52 – Confirmed Seized
  • Cloud 9 15:07 – Confirmed Seized
  • BlueSky 15:07
  • SR2 15:11 – Confirmed Seized
  • Pandora 15:15
  • Alpaca 15:18
  • TheHub forums 16:14 – Ok

Silk Road 2 Forums seized notice:

Keep checking the other posts in this chain of event at: Silk Road 2 Bust Tag—they are being updated constantly.


Updated: 2014-11-06