Introducing: DeepDotWeb’s Discussion Forum

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Posted by: DeepDotWeb

October 30, 2014

After considering this idea for a long time and as an answer to the many requests we received – we have decided to add a discussion forum section to the site (yes, the style will be changed as soon as something nice will be found), with the main goal of providing an independent and free for all platform to be used mainly, but not only, for:

  • Market review
  • Independent news source
  • Vendor review
  • Bugs and scam report
  • Harm reduction discussion
  • BTC Discussion

And will probably add more as more users will join,  once the forum will gain momentum it will be closed to new registrations and become an invite only forum accessible only by a recommendation from previous member,  this, in order to maintain a high quality discussion area. So if you consider joining, now its the time to do so!

In the next few days, depending on how many users will join, we will be launching:

  • Vendor & product review contest With BTC prizes
  • Market experience review contest With BTC prizes
  • Trip Report review contest With BTC prizes

 IMPORTANT:  ** Please register anonymously! ** Use Tor ** Use Fake Mail to register ** No JS is required **

Click Here To Join!

(Since the forum is new please report any bugs)

Please keep in mind that buying or selling ANYTHING is strictly prohibited and any attempt to do so will result in a ban.

Updated: 2014-10-30