Warning: Fake “DeepDotWeb Announcement” By a Failed Market Owner

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Posted by: DeepDotWeb

August 4, 2014

One of the biggest Dark Net Market fails ever, Cantina market, is planning a comeback, you can read the background here:

Hopefully this time they fail before even launching anything, since this time:

  • They will be using scraped fake pages with similar look to pages on this site, to gain credibility before their planned launch:
  • They will post fake reviews:
  • I am posting this here as a warning so you could know in advance and avoid this attempt.
  • Hopefully this will also help him reconsider his actions in case he is planning on fixing his broken reputation at some point.
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    We are still unsure when it will be posted or where but we found out about this plan in a very early stage of its execution and posted about it as soon as we could.

    Be warned to not fall for this – Considering what happened last time, We will in no way endorse or will ever announce / list or even acknowledge anything about any market created by this person and his team.

    This is the full text of his “announcement”:

    ** Do Not Use! – Posted As a PSA**

    new marketplace with star wars theme and promising features has been released.. Very amazing stuff these guy’s have done, they really are pushing the industry to the next level. Other marketplaces have a LOT of catching up to do. As was announced on the forums and on reddit not long ago:

    Cantina Marketplace URL:  http://cantinamarketplace.i2p

    URL was updated in our hidden Marketplaces list.

    ======The Official Release Notice From the Cantina Marketplace owner ” Greedo”=======

    “Dear Community

    It is with great joy that I announce the release of the a new generation of the drug marketplace. Cantina Marketplace has completly revolutionized the drug industry in unprecedented ways.

    Welcome back to security!

    What we pride ourselves in most, and have developed to perfection is the protection of our users. We have many groundbreaking features making ordering from our market as safe as ordering candy from Amazon.

    Over the last 4 months, we have have worked tirelessly on innovative security features unrivaled by any other market of it’s kind. This overhaul marks the dawn of a brand new era for hidden services. The secuity features we’ve implemented would not have been possible without the feedback from the community and funding from our investors.

    Those who have supported us throughout the year long developement have not gone unnoticed, the ideas and feedback from the community have been listened to, and pushed us to develop the features insisted on by the community for so long and never delivered, till now.

    Nearly all of the features people have been yearning for have been created, implented, and developed to perfection.

    Just some of the features our brilliant team has developed is:

    – Multisignature escrow system

    – Automatic encrypted messages (no more pgp!)

    – Utilisation of i2p browser (far more secure then tor)

    – Buyer stats + vendor feedback for customers

    – Customizable profiles

    – Instant Messaging

    We are still in heavy development with more awesome features we are extremely excited about. Soon to be announced!

    Open, And Ready For Buisiness!

    While we are still in heavy devlopement the site is completely functional, and surpasses by light-years every other market of it’s kind. While we just opened to the general public we have had a substantial economy for months, once again the community has blown us away with it’s support. Never did we expect to have a bustling economy before annoucing public release.

    There is already many reputable vendors who have signed up and vending at the Cantina!

    If you are currently a vendor on another market, you can message “Greedo” on our forums and fill out the vendor application, if accepted you can get a free vendor account.

    No more unbearable slow loading times!

    The use of the i2p browser has allowed for loading times more then twice as fast as TOR, which relies on a outdated relay system designed years ago. I2p offers faster load times and is just as secure as TOR, it’s a win-win. This combined with our purchase of top knotch servers and our beatifully optimized code has us able to boast the fastest load time of any marketplace, ever. The market loads nearly as fast as non hidden service sites!

    We hold NONE of your funds!

    We have developed a magnificent system that keeps all your bitcoins on the site held in your own blockchain.info wallet. The program keeps a watch on the wallet, so whenever balance changes on blockchain.info address funds are automatically added/subtracted from your marketplace account.

    When making a purchase you simply send the funds directly to the wallet of the vendor! We are very excited about this feature because it offers complete security of your funds, you dont have to worry about us running off with your money!

    We are wholehartedly devoted to the communtity, and always willing to listen to feedback.

    Your opinions matter to us, we love hearing from the community and work our hardest to deliver exactly what is wanted. Infact, we will even pay for bright ideas. on our “suggestion” reward thread

    Instant Messaging. Awesome!

    Yep, that’s right Instant Messaging!

    No more waiting forever on a response from a vendor, if the vendor is online and has IM enabled you can talk, instantly!

    Have skills? We are looking to expand our team!

    If your experienced and a silled developer, let us know!

    We are also looking to hire administrators who are dedicated to the cause, ethical, professional, and adept to customer care. You must be an active member in the community and active on the forums for your application to be reviewed.

    If you are qualified for a position, let us know!

    We look forward to seeing you around the Cantina!

    Yours Loyally



    The Cantina have released an animated video you can view here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2srkfXtNSQ

    The URL is ” cantinamarketplace.i2p ” you can access the site via i2p browser www.i2pbrowser.org

    Avoid at all costs!

    Updated: 2014-08-04