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July 9, 2014

Just came across this interesting thread on SR2 forum, I must admit i still did not have the chance to contact them and ask for more details about this service but i like the idea so i though i should mention it and maybe we will get some reports from people who contacted this lawyer for advice (http://silkroad5v7dywlc.onion/index.php?topic=45693.0;topicseen):

The thread was as follows:

Introducing Onion Law, the worlds only anonymous law firm – Onion Law operates exclusively on the “deep web” and was established in 2013 by a collective of fully qualified and accredited legal professionals in multiple jurisdictions.

Onion Law does not require or retain any personal or identifying information, all communication is conducted using Tor and PGP encryption through our “deep web” portal we guarantee complete anonymity and security. Onion Law is strictly an advisory service and no representation is provided.

Onion Law Home Page:  http://xiihffdq77uccygo.onion

Specialist Practice Areas Administrative: Law  •  Banking Law  •  Commercial Law  •  Contract Law  •  Criminal Law  •  Immigration Law  •  Insurance Law•   Internet (IT) Law  • Litigation Law  •  Tax Law  •  Trust Law

Are you currently relying on attorney-client privilege to protect yourself?

Legal professional privilege (attorney-client privilege) is only afforded to existing clients of a practicing lawyer and does not apply if there is ongoing illegal activity or the advice being sought is used for the furtherance of a crime. Under attorney-client privilege an attorney cannot be compelled to testify against a client, nor can their confidential communications be subpoenaed for evidence but in reality what procedural guidelines does your attorney follow for the safekeeping of confidential client correspondence? A locked filing cabinet perhaps?

Onion Law by using PGP encryption and not requiring personal information affords a greater level or protection to clients, contact us today for an independent and confidential consultation:

So in case you have some legal questions service you can try this and let us know how it went and how much it cost.

Updated: 2014-07-09