Retweets For Cash: ~165,000$ Will Be Donated To Ross Ulbricht’s Legal Fund

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July 7, 2014

A few days ago Roger Ver – Bitcoin Angel Investor & Bitcoin Evangelist started a twitter campaign by publishing a tweet that supported Ross Ulbricht, the accused Dread Pirate Roberts and the administrator of the now seized, Silk Road marketplace (the original version) Ver offered to donate 10$ for every retweet that he got.

Following Ross’s arrest, the Ulbricht family started a campaign at this site: in order to raise funds for his legal defense. The original goal was to raise $100,000 in order to help him get the best legal defense possible and (hopefully) a fair trial. Now it seems that after this recent twitter campaign by Roger Ver, the goal has not only been reached, but was also passed by a considerable amount of money and was successful in raising further awareness along the way.

Within a short amount of time, the above tweet was published by Ver, and then re-tweeted nearly 17,000 times! This caused Ver to send out another tweet stating that more re-tweets were welcome, but the donation limit has been reached – which is believed to be somewhere around 160 – 165,000$ – about 266 BTC at the current exchange rates.

In the first tweet, Ver linked to a statement made by Ross himself on June 21 and included a photo of him from prison:

Hi Porcfest, this is Ross.

The first thing they tell you when they arrest you is that what you say will be used against you, and they mean it. So I have to keep this brief. I’d just like to thank you for giving my Mom, Lyn, the chance to tell you about the situation I’m in and why the outcome of this legal battle will have a lasting impact on you and the rules you live under in this country.

One thing I’ve learned since beginning my tour of the federal criminal justice system is that these guys are not all-powerful. They can be beaten and precedent can be set that will limit their ability to infringe on our rights.

I urge you to stand by me and do what you can to turn this horrible situation into a win.

I wish I could be there with you, but of course I can’t. With your help though, I’ll see you at Porcfest 2015!

Ulbricht was indicted in February for: Conspiracy to Distribute and Possess with Intent to Distribute Controlled Substances,  Continuing Criminal Enterprise, Computer Hacking Conspiracy in violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, amd Participation in a Money Laundering Conspiracy. He is also indicted in Maryland for one planned murder. (however, the prosecutor believes that no murders occurred)

Ross pleaded not guilty soon after, meaning that if convicted, he could face life behind bars – the charge of ‘continuing criminal enterprise’ adding a minimum of 20 years to his sentence.

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