Exclusive: Large Number Of Deep Web Child Abuse Sites Shut Down Abruptly

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Posted by: DeepDotWeb

June 24, 2014

Sunlight is the best disinfectant

In some other Good news – A source just informed us that a large number of well known websites that operated for a long time on the Tor network (.onion sites), some of them offering the worse type of child abuse content including the singe site inside the Tor Network offering content of children being raped and tortured were shut down abruptly by their owner,  an infamous anonymous figure  known as “Lux” who just posted a PGP signed message stating:

As always, all Empires eventually fall and today is the day that the {Removed} falls.

After years of running CP hidden services, today is the day that I walk away. There are personal issues which my close friends have been made aware of that have forced me to make this decision.

I will leave {Removed} (and it’s chat) as well as {Removed} up for the time being however if I host for you via {Removed} I suggest you start looking for a new hosting provider ASAP.

I don’t like long awkward farewells, so… Goodbye :)


The number of sites that were shut down is well over 10 sites and reported to be “dozens of sites” (including the sites on the hosting service).

It is unclear why those sites were shut down and if its related in any way to Law Enforcement activity.

In the message above its mentioned that the hosting service – dedicated to hosting Child abuse sites that was established as a replacement for  “Freedom hosting”, a hosting service that was taken down last August by the FBI and hosted the majority of all CP sites of the Deep Web, is still active for the time being but will be shut down soon as well.

The source who provided us with this info who is well familiar with the CP world inside the TOR network suggested that the reason behind this shutdown is personal issues related to his personal life and told us that he was acting “weird” at the last month, changing ID’s and not responding to messages, signs that suggests he or someone close to him were under some sort of security risk of being exposed (maybe by Law enforcement) which might led to this decision. Not only that, he also mentioned the shocking fact that:

he has a 6 years old girlfriend

And when we asked if her parents knows he replied:

yes her dad knows. but the dad is a pedo too.

This comes only a few days after the BBC published an article quoting an active pedo who used to run a website on the TOR network – which we introduced to them (background here) – We would like to mention that this is NOT the same person as the one who shut down his sites, And also when today it became known of nation wide arrests where 168 kids rescued, 281 pimps nabbed in sex-trafficking crackdown that included online activities, we have no confirmed reports that these stories are related in any way.

Even though its pretty sure that other sites will pop up, its still good news when such sites are being taken down from whatever reason that may be, and hopefully this will serve as a reminder that the child abuse problem is a real world issue, regardless of the shut down of this site or another.

Updated: 2014-06-24